SONA is so excited

September 13, 2017

Singer/songwriter SONA will perform in Stanhope.

WITH a voice described as ‘‘angelic’’ and mesmerising electronic production to match, artist and producer SONA (aka Kelsie Rimmer) promises an upcoming tour that will be nothing less than otherworldly.

Known for her past appearance on the popular television show The Voice Australia, the Melbourne-based singer/songwriter has since spent her days crafting self-produced EP Runaway, which includes single Already Gone, a collaboration with US producer OTR.

And next week, she’ll be bringing her haunting vocals and evocative lyrics to Stanhope as part of SONA’s Runaway EP Tour.

‘‘I’m so excited for this tour. It’s something I’ve been working up to for years now and I can’t wait to share my music with regional towns such as Stanhope,’’ Kelsie said.

As it’s her first tour, Kelsie said she’s feeling the nerves.

But after performing in front of the likes of Delta Goodrem, Seal, Joel Madden and Keith Urban, Kelsie will no doubt be able to rein them in for our local crowds.

Kelsie’s music career began when she first picked up her father’s guitar at age 14.

Before long, songwriting became an outlet for her, a ‘‘diary’’ for everything she was going through in life.

Now, it’s her greatest passion.

With Daughter, Vera Blue, Bon Iver and James Blake counted among her greatest musical inspirations, it’s no wonder Kelsie’s music is a blend of delicately crafted musical poetry.

‘‘Generally, when I’m writing lyrics, I’ll have a concept or feeling in mind and then I’ll slowly become more figurative,’’ she said.

Kelsie said this poetic form of writing not only keeps her lyrics safely vague (particularly when writing about past relationships), but also opens them up to different interpretations.

‘‘Everything is open and interpretive. I love that people can find their own meanings in the words I write because maybe they could help people in ways I never imagined.’’

Initially kicking off her career with a distinctive folk acoustic style, SONA has since evolved to become a blend of pop, electronic and folk.

‘‘It’s so liberating to just write music because I love it, not because it’s the genre people want or expect to hear,’’ she said.

‘‘People still ask for the folk acoustic because it’s what I performed on The Voice, but I’m wanting to steer more towards ambient, atmospheric material.’’

Looking to the future, Kelsie — who is already making waves in the electronic music scene — hopes to continue doing exactly what she’s doing now.

‘‘I just want to keep growing as an artist, producing music and playing it live. Above all, I want to do it because I love it.’’

SONA will be performing at Stanhope Hotel on Friday, September 22 from 8.30pm, supported by Kyabram’s Victoria Faith.

For more information on SONA’s Runaway EP Launch, visit the event page here:

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