Resignation in best interest of company: Chair

November 07, 2017


Most of your readers would be aware the Murray Irrigation Ltd Board has resolved that all current directors will resign taking effect at the end of the AGM on November 28.

This decision was not made lightly but was made in the best interest of the company.

The directors considered options but concluded this was a constructive pathway to achieve Board reform.

A key aspect of the overall reform and modernisation of the company, the Board have been working on for nearly three years.

Board reform is not, as some would promote, about changing individuals; it is much greater than that.

It is about raising standards, changing culture, make up, attitude, objectives, responsibility, accountability and other basic duties to shareholders. It even includes old fashioned concepts such as loyalty, confidentiality, unity, courtesy, respect and integrity; all of which are attributes that have been disappearing from this Board over a period of time.

We have now reached a time when the process of real Board reform needs to be accelerated.

At the end of it, shareholders will have candidates who have been vetted by an independent company to ensure they have the aptitude, intellect, basic skills and attributes worthy of sitting on the Board of a company that operates critical infrastructure vital to the livelihood of people and businesses across the MIL footprint.

No longer will any member of the Board be subject to the influences of any group whose objectives distract from the company’s core business: water delivery, the Board’s legal responsibility under the Water Management Act and the operating licence the company operates under.

The company will continue to undertake advocacy on issues that impact our obligations under our operating licence.

Shareholders will measure the company and its Board on their performance in delivering water and ensuring the service remains sustainable; a key legal obligation — rather than the performance of one side of the Board triumphing over the other.

There will be candidate elections in the coming months.

In my view, there will never be a more important time for each and every member of MIL to make an informed decision and participate in that election.

For every shareholder tired of the Board’s dysfunction, it will be your voice that keeps everyone grounded in reality.

Let us put division behind us, let us put our energy into reform and progress, into unity and collaboration, into building a strong, prosperous region. Let us build the new. You know, we can do it.

Yours etc.

Bruce Simpson

MIL chairman

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