$7.6m budget boost

May 02, 2018

Yarrawonga and district is set to receive more than $7.6 million for key capital projects and designs as part of the Moira Shire Council’s 2018/19 draft budget.

Approximately $1.3 million will be spent directly from council funding for key capital works projects and designs.
Grants and other contributions for these projects will make up approximately $6.3 million.
Major capital works projects include the Yarrawonga Foreshore Tourism Trail that is made up of $2.7 million in Federal Funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Jobs and Investment Packages along with a further $2.7 million to be contributed by Lotus Living (Silverwoods’ Developer) and Goulburn Murray Water.
Other highlights of the budget will be designs for a new multisport stadium and new library at the town hall as well as a new boat ramp construction at the Yarrawonga Regional Park Reserve near Cullens Road.
The Public Toilet Renewal Program on the Yarrawonga Foreshore will also receive considerable funding as part of the draft budget.
The draft budget outlines many of the capital works programs that will be undertaken across the shire.
Moira Shire Council is seeking community, business and stakeholder feedback following the release of its draft 2018-2019 Budget and 2018-22 Strategic Resource Plan (SRP).

Mayor Libro Mustica said both the draft 2018-19 Budget and the SRP aim to balance the many and often competing needs of the Moira community and the challenges of a relatively small population dispersed across a large geographic area.
“The budget details what we intend to deliver over the next 12 months, the SRP provides an outlook for the next four years – they should be considered together,” Cr Mustica said.
“The draft budget will see Council continue to deliver more than 100 services throughout the shire along with the largest ever capital works program.”
Moira Shire Council did not propose new borrowings in the current 2018/19 year.
Total rate revenue will increase by 2.25% in line with the Victorian Government rate cap and council-set fees and charges will increase by 3%.
“There will be a decrease in the environmental levy and recycling bin collection charges and an increase in kerbside general waste and organic bin collection charges, but overall service charges will only increase by 2.25% in line with rate capping,” Cr Mustica said.
“These changes match the proposals in our draft Rating and Service Charges Strategy, which is also currently out for community feedback.”
The Proposed Capital Works by Moira Shire will see $2 million go towards the upgrade and expand of courts, pitches, ovals, access, lighting and buildings at community recreation reserves including Yarrawonga sports facilities and scoping new change rooms at Tungamah.
“We are committing council to delivering its largest ever capital works program with a total of $21.107 million of capital works over the next 12 months, almost 50% bigger than the capital works program for the current financial year,” Cr Mustica said.
“There’s a range of projects right across the shire and there are no proposed borrowings at this stage from this council but we have clearly identified in our SRP and our long time financial planning that this council is willing to take it on,” added Cr Ed Cox.
“This budget shows financial sustainability and looked very carefully about being equitable across the whole shire,” added Cr Marie Martin.
Cr Mustica also stated the proposed amount of the capital works program over the next four years and what the money will be used for.
“Our draft SRP proposes $71.2 million of capital works over the next four year period to 2022,” Cr Mustica said.
“The SRP identifies priority investment areas including almost $20 million of new and upgraded infrastructure and a sustained program of investment in drainage and flood mitigation works as well as building and land improvements.
“The SRP recognises we are committed to a number of significant projects across the shire but they are not ready for delivery in the current year and may also require grant funding.
“A new Yarrawonga Library and multisport stadium plus flood mitigation works for Numurkah are examples of projects included in the four year plan.”
“I think that’s a really great achievement of this council and immediate past councils to get us into this position to be able to turn around and have this amount for the capital works program,” Cr Ed Cox added.
To encourage feedback from all ages and interests, councillors will host drop-in sessions across the shire with the Yarrawonga Lions Kiosk hosting a feedback session on Thursday, May 8 from 12pm to 2pm.   
“The sessions are not formal meetings, they are your chance to discuss the draft Budget with Councillors and focus your ideas,” Cr Mustica said.
“We want to listen and learn more about what matters to members of our community before we finalise the 2018-2019 Budget and the SRP.”
Feedback can be provided online, by mail, at Visitor Information Centres and at agencies throughout the shire.
All submissions must be received by 5pm Thursday, May 24 2018.
A special council meeting will meet on Wednesday, May 30 to hear any person who indicated in their written submission that they would like to speak in support of their submission on the draft 2018/19 Budget.

Key Yarrawonga and district projects listed in Moira Shire Council’s 2018/19 draft budget include:
    Total Cost    Council             funding

River Road and foreshore tourism trail development    $5,412,000    N/A
Public Toilet Renewal Program Yarra Foreshore    $400,000    $300,000
Yarrawonga Regional Park boat ramp    $740,000    $100,000
Yarrawonga JC Lowe Oval lighting-court project    $250,000    $70,000
Wilby- Infrastructure spending    $200,000    $200,000
Anchorage Way drainage works    $150,000    $150,000
Yarrawonga multisports stadium- design    $120,000    $120,000
Yarrawonga Library – design    $100,000    $100,000
Acacia-Melaleuca Streets roadworks design     $80,000    $80,000
Yarrawonga Town Hall- Stage 2 electrical upgrade    $40,000    $40,000
New BBQ Frank Keenan Reserve – Yacht Club    $36,000    $36,000
Purchase of all-terrain vehicle for Yarrawonga Depot     $30,000    $30,000
Tungamah Lions Park beautification    $25,000    $25,000
Replacement bollards Haebich Dr-Yarra Foreshore    $17,000    $17,000  
GMW Major Creek boat ramp works    $15,000    $15,000
Yarrawonga Aerodrome runway sweeper    $7,000    $7,000

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