Centenary grant for Yarrawonga Health

May 16, 2018

Yarrawonga Health Director of Nursing and Education Debbie Gleeson, Operational Director for Community Services Stephanie Kennedy, Yarrawonga Health CEO Elaine Mallows, Commonwealth Bank Australia Yarrawonga Branch Managers Jacqui Abbott and Racheal Cartwright with the $10,000 Centenary Grants cheque from Commonwealth Bank for Yarrawonga Health.

Yarrawonga Health have received a massive boost receiving a $10,000 Centenary Grant from the Commonwealth Bank in celebration of a 100-year legacy of giving.

Commonwealth Bank Australia are currently giving $10 million to community organisations, with 1000 Centenary Grants valued at $10,000 being distributed.
Yarrawonga Health was lucky enough to be picked after Yarrawonga branch employees nominated the health service in recognition of the much-needed services it provides to the local community.
This grant will assist Yarrawonga Health to build and broaden their ability to deliver programs aimed at local youth. 
As adolescence is a time of change, the programs provided by Yarrawonga Health in schools assist young people navigate many new challenges such as higher study loads, peer pressure, friendship difficulties as well as physical development.  
The grant will also allow the organisation to continue to invest and work with students from right here in the local community to continue to deliver sessions on anti-violence, anti-bullying, gender inequality and education about factors which may lead to family violence. 
In total 1000 community organisations across the country will receive a Centenary Grant with each of the 1000 community organisations to be selected by Commonwealth Bank employees from right across Australia.
More than 13,000 current and retired bank employees donate a portion of their income to the program, with Commonwealth Bank contributing up to $2 million each year as well.
The inspiring and far reaching impact of the work undertaken by Yarrawonga Health was a crucial factor in it receiving the grant.
“We’re thrilled to be able to support organisations like Yarrawonga Health in the important work they do for our local community,” says Commonwealth Bank Yarrawonga branch manager Jacqui Abbott.
“It’s especially meaningful that we are able to celebrate 100 years of employee giving, by nominating an organisation to receive a Centenary Grant in our local community.”
Right across Australia, Commonwealth Bank employees will be supporting local organisations that benefit youth wellbeing, access to education, and cancer research and awareness.
Yarrawonga Health CEO Ellaine Mellows was delighted with the selection and said she was grateful with receiving the money that can assist in acquiring much needed equipment.
“We’re extremely grateful to receive this grant and we will be putting it to very good use,” Ms Mellows said.
“It is vital and important work in building capacity in our community and strengthening positive health outcomes in the region so we will be putting this money to good use strengthening that.
“We are based in a very generous community who donate vast amounts of money but sometimes we still need more to access some items we require.
“I’d also like to mention Helping Hands who have been absolutely marvellous for us. They have only been in existence for two years but have raised $55,000 alone for Yarrawonga Health which has been an immense help to us.
“The great partnership we have with the Commonwealth Bank is also exciting and great for our community.”

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