Therapy complex gets major upgrade

March 30, 2018

Dynamic Fitness Centre's Chris Fowler and Shannon Mills with the new hydrotherapy spa.

TALK to Chris Fowler and Shannon Mills from Dynamic Fitness Centre for just two minutes, and it’s clear they know their stuff.

They know the ideal heat setting for a hydrotherapy spa is 38C — to ensure your sports injuries are eased.

They know a sauna set to 90C with 32 per cent humidity will help combat chest infections or asthma.

And not only do they have the know-how.

They now have the facilities to match.

Dynamic Fitness is home to a new state-of-the-art hydrotherapy room.

The pristine space features a 20m2 hydrotherapy jet spa, a cold plunge pool, a Finnish style hot rock dry sauna and a private massage and treatment room.

Originally built in the ’70s as the first hydrotherapy facility in northern Victoria, the space has been lying dormant for the past eight years.

But it’s been resurrected.

‘‘A lot of Australians don’t get hydrotherapy, but it’s massive in the US and originated in Europe,’’ Dynamic Fitness owner Chris Fowler said.

‘‘Saunas and spas are huge for health benefits.’’

Hydrotherapy recovery works by immersing the body in water.

The warmth of the water allows the surface blood vessels to dilate and expand, increasing the skin temperature and reducing pain, swelling, stiffness and muscle spasms.

‘‘The water is so deep and warm, it works like a giant pressure sock,’’ Chris said.

‘‘It can also improve joint mobilisation and circulation and cardiovascular fitness.’’

Dynamic’s sauna also offers numerous health benefits.

Unlike a steam sauna, this facility uses heated volcanic rock to ensure high heat and low humidity.

‘‘It’s beneficial for people with chest infections, respiratory dysfunction and asthma,’’ Chris said.

‘‘Plus it’s great for detoxifying the body. Just three sessions in a sauna can have some remarkable outcomes for your wellbeing.’’

And for additional health benefits, just chat to essential oil guru Shannon.

Did you know eucalyptus, rosemary and douglas fir are good for the respiratory system?

And that peppermint is a healer for headaches?

Plus there are no chemicals included here. Shannon ensures they only use the good stuff — pure doTERRA oils.

Chris said Dynamic Fitness aimed to be a one-stop-shop.

‘‘This is a purpose-built centre complete with PT sessions, fitness classes, a fully-equipped gym, a cardio area, sports massage — and now our new hydrotherapy room,’’ he said.

‘‘We want to help everyone.

‘‘I broke my back as a police officer and had to attend a gym, a separate hydrotherapy facility and an independent massage therapist just to get the care I needed.

‘‘We desperately need these services in one place in this town.’’

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