Riverine Herald

Shepp East get a netballing lesson

By Andrew Johnston

ANOTHER GAME, another victory.

The air of familiarity around a Moama netball result.

With just two games remaining before the finals of the MNL, nothing much has changed.

Moama took on a new opponent — heading to Shepp East for its first encounter with the new side in the league — and walked away with yet another win.

And a big one too at 40-goals.

The Mowers were incredibly dominant, limiting their opposition to just 23 goals on the day.

And yet, scoring 63 against this side almost feels like they were underdone.

We have come to expect Moama in recent months to score astronomical goal tallies.

We were expecting a cricket score against a Shepp East side who have set no worlds on fire in their first season in the Murray league.

So what do you put this down to?

Is complacency finally beginning to settle in for the Magpies?

Highly unlikely.

Far more likely is that this great Moama side is looking ahead to the finals for this season, and are coasting towards them as they prepare to explode into the month that matters.

No game is unimportant in a sporting season.

Every one matters in the context of the year.

But when you are so far in front of the competition, you could be forgiven for taking a few of these games easier than others.

It won’t be something they can do in their final two games.

Sixth placed Cobram and third placed Deniliquin are left to play, in what should be a big finals warm-up for the Magpies.

Moama coach Jacqui James was unavailable for comment.