TR Marine, Superman and The Mistress set to take on tomorrows Southern 80

By Riverine Herald


Good morning and welcome to the Riverine Herald’s rolling coverage of the 2020 Southern 80.

It’s a perfect day for racing on the majestic Murray River, barely a cloud in the sky and the crowd here at the finish line is starting to build.

The final sweepboats are are currently on the water clearing the way, and our first boat, ORSM Racing, is scheduled to take off at 8.40.

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The opening boat, ORSM Racing, is under way and on its way.


ORSM racing is home, we have a successful start to the day.


In a time of 8.07.3, Doin’ Dough is our first local home, and looks to have claimed the Unlimited Inboard Social class.


Here is your top four in Unlimited Inboard Social as it stands.

1. Doin’ Dough - 8.07.3

2. ORSM Racing - 8.07.6

3. Strike Force - 8.26.0

4. Recovered 8.32.8


A reminder to all patrons not to swim on race day. There has been at least one person seen in the river so far today.


First boat of the Under 14 social, Sid Vicious Racing, has started.


Around half way through the morning session, Bulletproof, featuring local skier Jackson Walker is the fastest boat with an unofficial time of 7.53.86.


The last boat of the 70mph social event, Copycat, has left the start line.


Still a few boats to come through in the 70mph social class, but times are fast and under 10 seconds off the record as we stand.

1. Friction - 9.24.9

2. Shooter - 9.30.8

3. Exertion - 9.47.9

4. General Lee - 9.51.2

5. Interceptor - 9.55.8


We are well into the mornings racing, and it is still Bulletproof with the fastest time of the morning.

The time as it stands is near 30 seconds under the record for the 5.2 and 6 Litre Social category.

1. Bulletproof - 7.53.8

2. Doin' Dough - 8.07.3

3. ORSM Racing - 8.07.6

4. Public Enemies 8.08.0

5. Strike Force - 8.26.0


Toxic, the first boat of the Under 12 social class, has taken off.


The final boat of the morning session has hit the water and is underway.


As Raicey crosses the line, we are finished with the morning racing session. Join us again at 12pm for the midday racing session.

However, the race could be jeopardised with spectators in the water.

Provisional results at the end of the morning session are:

Class 27: Unlimited Outboard social:

1. Velocity Racing - 9.11.59

2.Pumped Up - 9.23.73

3. Reload - 9.51.70

Class 28: 5.2 and 6L social:

1. Bulletproof - 7.53.86

2. Synthetic 8.52.40

3. Buckshot 10.5.48

Class 29: SMOC social:

1. Express Lab - 9.19.85

2. Raptor - 9.33.88

3. Sonic Boom - 9.37.05

Class 30: Stock 6L social:

1. Public Enemies - 8.08.7

2. The Curse - 11.12.08

Class 31: Open women social/Dawn Rowbottom Memorial:

1. Pegleg 9.20.84

2. Speed Lab 9.34.46

3. Arkham F2

Class 32: Under 16 social:

1. Idlewild - 9.540.16

2. Target - 9.56.91

3. Cosmos 10.45.8

Class 33: Under 14 social:

1. Lab It Up - 10.36.22

2. Killa Clowns - 11.01.87

3. Sid Vicious Racing - 11.47.88

Class 34: Under 12 social:

1. Toxick - 12.24.76

2. No Limit - 13.01.81

3. Raicey - 18.41.40

Class 35: 70mph social:

1. Friction - 9.25.47

2. Shooter Reloaded - 9.31.0

3. Exertion 9.47.98

Class 36: 60mph social:

1. Sawdust - 10.52.83

2. Jagged Edge - 11.01.04

3. Struggle Duck - 11.07.0


Midday session is underway in the Veterans category, with Pigs Arsenal on the water.


Hellbent is off to begin the disabled class.


Official Superclass news is that Pigs Arsenal’s Jack Stevens is out of the race after a fall earlier this week.

We will update you when we get closer to the Bakers Blitz this afternoon.


The senior social class is now underway with Liquid Force hitting the water.


Early stages of midday racing and it’s Superman with the fastest time.

They lead the Veterans class, while Hellbent leads in disabled class.

1. Superman -7.22.4

2. Pigs Arsenal - 7.49.5

3. Hellbent - 7.50.8

4. Bute Force - 8.30.4

5. Ghost Rider - 8.36.0


Bloodshot closes out the Veterans over 40 category as it hits the water.


Just Angry brings and end to the Senior social (30-39) class as it begins its run.


Coldy's closes the disabled class and the midday session.


The wind is starting to pick up here at Vic Park. Although it isn’t a lot, the water is getting choppy. It will make for some interesting racing as the day goes on.


A strong start for Pigs Arsenal today. They have the second fastest time in the Veterans, and third fastest with the F1 boat.

1. Superman -7.22.4

2. Pigs Arsenal - 7.49.5

3. Pigs Arsenal F1 - 8.09.0

4. Bute Force - 8.30.4

5. Ghost Rider - 8.36.0


Just a few boats to come through now. There is an air of anticipation for this afternoon when the President’s Dash and Bakers Blitz are run.


Early times of the Senior social section have come through.

1. Kaotic - 9.16.71

2. Getting Loose - 10.12.67

3. Korrupt - 12.55.8


The mid-afternoon session is done and dusted. We will have times for you as they come through, but will see you at 2 for the main races.

Provisional times for the midday session are:

Class 37: Disabled:

1. Hellbent - 7.50.85

2. Gone Mental - 8.38.42

3. The Joker - 9.49.76

Class 41: Veterans Over 40:

1.Superman - 7.22.43

2. Pigs Arsenal - 7.49.56

3. Pigs Arsenal F1 - 8.09.02

Class 42: Senior social:

1. Kaotic - 9.16.71

2. Just Angry - 9.41.71

3. Getting Loose - 10.12.67


There is some confusion over Pigs Arsenal at this point in time. It was announced by event commentators that Jack Stevens would not be skiing, however Southern 80 has not received a substitution at this stage.

It does appear as though the boat will run one way or another, with all four entered Superclass boats set to run.


Welcome back to the afternoon of racing. Sapphire is off and we are racing for the President's Dash.

The President’s Dash and Bakers Blitz are the qualifying round for Sunday racing. It will establish our starting order for tomorrow.

First use of the water in the Southern 80 is a huge advantage.


Strike Force, who started second, is first through. No sign of Sapphire as yet.


Supernova and Sapphire will not finish the Dash, but are all safe.

Meanwhile The Mistress has moved into first spot after a great Dash.


Tempered is back in the game as they finish with 0.1 of a second between them and first placed The Mistress.


Pigs Arsenal will not race today in the Bakers Blitz, however have not ruled out competing tomorrow if they can find a skier to replace the injured Jack Stevens.


Sportspage will not finish the Dash, though all members are okay. No sign of Mojo as it stands at the finish line.

1. The Mistress - 6.58.1

2. Tempered - 6.58.2

3. Strike Force - 6.59.6

4. Temper 2 - 7.08.7

5. Brimstone - 7.10.7


Mojo has stopped and won’t complete the Dash, though all members are all okay.


Corruption is home, but Monopoly has not made it back as yet.

That appears to be a fifth boat that did not finish so far with two did not starts.


Monopoly did not finish, but all team members are okay.


Seven more boats to start, but The Mistress still has the lead in the Dash.


Pigs Arsenal F1 is on the water, the final boat in the President’s Dash.

The Bakers Blitz is not far away now.


With all boats now on the water, the top five competitors is yet to changed.


Juggernaut has not crossed the finish line, and neither has Omen Racing. Pigs Arsenal F1 is across the line though.

In a few minutes time, defending champion TR Marine will get us going in the main event, the Bakers Blitz.


TR is racing - the Blitz begins now.


Arkham 99 is on the water, taking the place of Arkham Asylum. But it’s still the Arkham team, and they are off and running in the Blitz.


Superman is off and running in the Bakers Blitz.

The defending champions are home, TR crosses the line.


TR comes in at 6.39.3, five seconds faster than they were last year.


Arkham 99 has stopped on course.


The Bakers Blitz is over, with TR Marine taking out top spot.

It will be TR, Superman and The Mistress as the top three tomorrow.


Currently a hold up on the course. We will let you know when we have more information.


All Under 10 boats have been asked to return to the bank at Five Mile due to a lengthy delay.


The race is currently on hold as Arkham 99 is attended to after reportedly losing a skier.

Reports to hand suggest the skier is okay.

Medical personnel are reportedly in attendance.


The race remains on a caution flag.


More information on Arkhan 99 skier:

"We've had a skier fall behind Arkham 99. He's been put in an ambulance and is on his way to Echuca hospital for observation," MWSC president Steve Shipp said.

"That's all we know at this stage, but we will hopefully have an update shortly."

Under 10 race is set to start at 4.40pm.


We are back underway at the 2020 Southern 80 with the Under 10s racing.


Last boat of the Under 10s race, Kidz Boat, has left the starting line.


And that’s it for Saturday racing, thanks for joining us today. We will see you bright and early for Sunday’s racing.

Provisional times for the afternoon session are:

Class 38A: Under 10 boys:

1. Arkham Asylum - 11.05.74

2. Alabama - 11.24.26

3. Gro Up F2 - 12.06.00

Class 38A: Under 10 girls:

1. Daredevil - 14.31.33

2. Thundernuts 300 - 18.45.34

3. Against the Grain - 27.21.71

Class 40: President's Dash/Tim Driver Memorial:

1. The Mistress - 6.58.19

2. Tempered 6.58.26

3. Strike Force - 6.59.64