Horror to Hogwarts a hit at Goggin family dinners

By Andrew Mole

SEAN Goggin would like to take the credit for cooking up his family’s weekly ‘isolation theme dinners’ but know his goose would be well and truly cooked if he tried it.

Because, he admitted, the whole shooting match was the brainchild of his wife Amber – and enthusiastically supported by daughters Jenna, 11, and Isla, 7.

Regardless of whoever had the right dinner recipe, the Goggin family’s Thursday night dinners have become a bit viral themselves as friends and family tune into social media each week to see what is on the menu for the night.

Left: Fancy dress and right, hillbilly night.

The nights that have trended best were Harry Potter and Tiger King. Although Sean did finally get his moment in the spotlight when he was forced to join the three women in his house for the Princess dinner. But looked far more relaxed at the Monster meal.

“Yes, it was all Amber’s idea really,” Sean said.

Left: Hippy night and right, monsters.

“Originally the idea was just to have a bit of fun for the kids during isolation, but when we put some pics on Facebook everybody seemed to love it, so it has sort of developed a life of its own now,” he laughed.

“Amber and the girls come up with the ideas; I just get to turn up on the night.”

The costumes Team Goggin come up with are a mix of things they have at home with any essential extras purchased during the week before show time.

Harry Potter night.

Sean said it normally takes a couple of hours to get it all ready – plus cooking time – and then the photos are taken and uploaded and away it goes again.

“I’m not sure how long it will go on but we are having a lot of fun with it,” he said.