Time for a tank clean?

By Benalla Ensign

If you haven’t had your water tank cleaned in the past couple of years it might be time to give Water Tank Cleaning Benalla a call.

Julian Lees has been running the business in the Benalla area for the past 12 months and is eager to let the public know what he can offer.

‘‘Living in a rural area a lot of local people rely on rain water to drink,’’ Julian said.

‘‘So I’ve started this business and developed tools and implements to be able to clean water tanks without necessarily accessing the tank — They can even be full, there’s no need to empty them.

‘‘The system is designed to vacuum the sludge out of tanks with zero downtime for the house and it’s a cost-effective way to have clean drinking water.

‘‘The CSIRO have done studies and they recommend that tanks should be maintained every two to three years.

‘‘I’ve even had clients that have been sick for years because of the quality of water they were drinking.’’

Julian said people may not be aware of the sludge and contaminates that can enter a water tank in a relatively short period of time.

‘‘People are amazed at what actually comes out of their tanks, in-fact some are mortified,’’ he said.

‘‘Sediments build up in the bottom of the tank and eventually the pump will start sucking that sediment out.

‘‘I even went into one tank and there were six dead possums inside.’’

Water Tank Cleaning operates seven days a week and Julian is happy to work with customers to find a suitable time, even if that is the evening or weekend.

He said he has had great feedback since opening, especially when showing customers what has been pumped out of their tanks.

●For more information, or to receive a quote, give Julian a call on 0425234998 or visit