U.Golf on its way

By Benalla Ensign

Benalla golfing enthusiast Ron Schulz is bringing his spin on a popular sport to Benalla.

U.Golf, also known as Universal Golf, was invented by Schulz in 2017 after 18-months of research and consultation with golfers and others who love to hate golf.

The new game is played on a golf course and is designed for players of all abilities — with the use of golf tees and shorter distances.

Participants play in teams of up to five players, with the goal to score the most points.

U.Golf allows for three independent scores on each hole, with each player also getting the opportunity to putt for birdie.

Golf clubs may be shared between players, with each shot played from the same location by all team members.

Inventor Schulz said there was also more uninterrupted walking in U.Golf, with players not hitting the ball more than 36 times for nine holes.

‘‘Walking is an integral part of U.Golf and all team members head in the same direction together,’’ Schulz said.

‘‘There are lots of opportunities to share the experience and look forward to the next hit.’’

Another differentiating factor between golf and U.Golf is that all balls are supplied at each location, with players not needing to carry spares.

Schulz, a Benalla businessman, said when creating the new game he was inspired by the wonderful golf course here in Benalla.

‘‘It is hoped that the game will encourage more men, women and children to take advantage of this great asset,’’ Schulz said.

He was also inspired to create a game that him and his wife Beverley could enjoy together.

Ron and Beverley were the owners of Leading Edge Books in Benalla for 19 years and said their favourite Dr Seuss quote, ‘‘sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple,’’ helped inspire the creation of U.Golf.

A U.Golf day will be held in Benalla on March 24 at 2.30pm for anyone wanting to try the new game out.

Entries must be in by March 17.