Bright says Bye to Bats

By Benalla Ensign


The Bats started well with the bare seven players, in what was a physical and fast game, before running out of legs with Bright taking advantage.

Chelsea Beavis and Erin O’Brien combined well in goals until O’Brien suffered an ankle injury in the second quarter.

The Bats tried to rally with Catherine Masters and Mya Bye making several great leads and feeding in to the shooters. Defensive duo Georgia Thomson and Ally Ellis rebounded well all game, while Brittney Harris and Ellie Culhane played well to help fill the side.

Final score: Bright 49 def Goorambat 23

Best on: Ally Ellis, Mya Bye, Catherine Masters


Goorambat started well with a new line up, playing three good quarters before running out of steam to fall by 22 goals. Brittney Harris ran the centre well and combined strongly with Chloe Trevena who played an amazing game in wing defence, while Ellie Culhane and Nina Gardiner again used their height to their advantage.

Final score: Bright 41 def Goorambat 19

Best on: Chloe Trevena, Brittney Harris, Nina Gardiner


Despite losing to Bright, the Bats worked hard as a team implementing everything practiced at training. The attacking side of their game was impressive with Chloe Cook and Tali Wallace shooting well. Wallace was awarded best on court for her movement in the ring, while Kobi Chapman also adapted well to wing defence, running hard and encouraging her teammates throughout the game.

Final score: Bright 68 def Goorambat 28

Best on: Kobi Chapman, Chloe Cook, Tali Wallace


Goorambat went out strong against Bright and played their best game to date, though up against Bright’s height, failed to take the win. With the baby Bats playing with under-15 and under-17 players, the players continue to bond well and play their hearts out.

Alyssa Priest made great drives and provided a lot of opportunity down the midcourt, Molly Brunner stepped up her leadership this week and applied incredible pressure in the defence end, while Georgia O’Brien played a strong wing defence, also applying a lot of pressure.

Final score: Bright 65 def Goorambat 18

Best players: Molly Brunner, Alyssa Priest & Georgia O’Brien