Getting down and dirty

By Meg Saultry

Chesney Vale Ride Park notched its first year in business on Saturday and held a retro weekend to celebrate.

It’s ‘shine and show’ day had a number of old-school motorbikes on display, with the best ones winning prizes donated from AJs.

“We’ve got pre-2008, pre-2000, pre-90s and pre-70s bikes,” Operator Kane Scanlan said.

The ride park, which is run by the Scanlan family, opened 12 months ago as a place for families to come and ride.

Leasing the property, the Scanlans got Adelberg Earthmoving to come in to help build the track.

“Our family grew up racing, but the closest training facilities were three hours away,” Scanlan said.

“Your average kid around North East Victoria, might just enjoy riding but doesn’t have a property to ride on.

“We do this as it’s something we didn’t have as a kid.

“That’s the passion behind it.”

More than 160 riders from across the area came out on Saturday and Sunday to take to the tracks, zipping around corners and flying over jumps, with riders ranging across all ages.

The ride park also offers coaching and is one of the only facilities around that offers four different ride classes, meaning families can come out and ride.

“Normally it’s all in,” Scanlan said.

“But we’ve got four different classes; mini bikes, the faster 60-80cc, a beginner adult, and the faster adults.”