Lions support Indigo North Health

By Corowa Free Press

The Indigo North Health, friends of Glenview Auxiliary (fundraising committee), meet each month.  

This committee is made up of community members and staff from the Residential AgedCare Unit ‘Glenview’, and when available a representative from the residents, who at the moment is Terry Jepson. Staff are asked what their ‘wish lists’ of items would be that would offer residents more comfort and security that this group could fund.  

‘Princess chairs’ are a major item as there is an increasing need for more of these in the residential aged care unit.  An appeal went out to community and service groups and the response was pleasing.

On Wednesday, April 27, Julie Simpson (President of Rutherglen Lions Club) presented some of the members of the Indigo North Health – friends of Glenview Aux with a cheque for $500 to go towards their efforts to raise finances to fund princess chairs.