Final passionate plea for political change

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Independent candidate for Farrer Kevin Mack is urging voters throughout Deniliquin and surrounding districts to use their vote to ‘‘force change’’ at tomorrow’s Federal Election.

In his final words before polling day, Mr Mack said if voters want ‘‘fairness’’ and ‘‘prosperity’’ to return to their towns they could rely on him to act with integrity for them and deliver as an independent.

‘‘If you think zero per cent water allocation to the farmers in our region of Farrer is fair, then vote as you like, but if, like me, you think zero per cent water allocation is outrageously unfair and a real kick in the guts to the hardest working people in Australia, then vote for me so I can then act on your behalf with a relentless drive to fix this mess.’’

Mr Mack said the strength of an Independent’s voice had already been proven during the past several weeks of the campaign.

‘‘Have a look at what the communities working together with me (as an Independent) have done so far in this campaign — we have made water one of the top issues on the national agenda.

‘‘Together we have flushed out the government into playing an embarrassing catch-up with their empty promises and I urge you all to ask yourselves where have they been the past few years? Delivering nothing to solve your concerns.

‘‘If we can make this much noise and action during a campaign, imagine what we can achieve together if I am privileged to be elected as your federal representative.’’

Mr Mack re-affirmed his position that in a hung parliament he would support a Coalition government, but only on the condition it would support a Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin fiasco that has created ‘‘heart-breaking despair’’ for people in Farrer.

Incumbent Liberal Member for Farrer Sussan Ley, however, has already said she does not believe it is the most appropriate way forward.

‘‘Let’s do what is fair and right for Farrer and end the way major parties are treating us all — with zero respect and acknowledgment for what we deliver to this great country,’’ Mr Mack said.

‘‘Those living across Farrer know they are not getting a fair deal. They pay the same taxes as those in the city, however:

●Their children won’t have the access to the same quality of education;

●They don’t have the same access to high quality health services when and where it is needed;

●They’ve all but given up on mobile phone services and internet access that continue to fail whether they are trying to run a business, stay in touch with loved ones or supervise the kids doing homework or study;

●Water, is the very thing that should underpin and grow this region. Instead, the government’s failure to look after farmers makes it now the very thing that threatens to destroy businesses, communities and lives.’’

Mr Mack said the Coalition Government had failed those living in Farrer and repeated that a vote for an independent is not a vote for any party.

‘‘For that reason I am not directing my preferences in this election. If I am elected I will consider any legislation brought before the House of Representatives and vote with regard to what is best for the electorate, and not along party lines.’’