Perin is a Senator

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin’s Perin Davey has won a seat in the Australian Senate.

The result for New South Wales was announced yesterday afternoon, with the local The Nationals’ candidate taking the fifth position.

The Australian Electoral Officer for New South Wales, Warwick Austin, said the formal Declaration of the Poll would take place at 11am today, and will be held at Level 13, 59 Goulburn St, Haymarket.

Ms Davey was expected to gain a seat, but this was not certain until distribution of preferences, with the automated distribution taking place yesterday.

The successful candidates for the six NSW Senate vacancies, in order of election, were:

1. Hollie Hughes (Liberal); 2. Tony Sheldon (Labor); 3. Andrew Bragg (Liberal); 4. Tim Ayres (Labor); 5. Perin Davey (The Nationals); 6. Mehreen Faruqi (The Greens).