Awards highlight our region’s positive future

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The future of Deniliquin is in good hands. That was the overwhelming impression generated by another successful Business Achievement Awards, on Friday night.

Our congratulations to the Business Chamber, its executive and award organisers for another special night of recognition for local business operators and community leaders.

It highlighted the diversity and quality which exists in the district. But perhaps most importantly it showcased the developing young entrepreneurs who are the foundation of our future.

The night also demonstrated an eclectic mix of individuals and families who have taken the plunge into an often challenging small business world, and with enthusiasm, dedication and old-fashioned hard work have built a successful enterprise.

The awards remind us of the amazing assortment of businesses which operate in our area, and the jobs and local prosperity they provide.

Some are government funded and others are large corporates, while many are small enterprises that rely entirely on their own ingenuity and acumen.

It would be unfair to single out any in particular, though numerous young award recipients were impressive with their confidence and the manner in which they recognised those who have helped steer their business down a successful path.

The coveted Business of the Year was a worthy recipient in Riverside Pest Management, and its owner Jess Butcher summed up what it is like to build a small business in just a few words: “We struggled, but we made it.” We are sure many in the RSL auditorium on Friday night could relate to that comment as they reflected on their business journey.

Riverside Pest Management is a relatively small operation, especially when it is lined up against other nominees like SunRice, Murray Irrigation Ltd, Intereach and Edward River Council.

But what stood out at the ceremony was that these businesses and organisations, large and small, are providing a vast range of quality, professional services that benefit every resident of the community in which we are fortunate to live.

On Friday night there was special recognition for those considered the best in their category. But they were certainly not the only winners. Every one of the dozens of nominees is a winner.

And so are we all, because the services they provide are at our fingertips throughout the year.

The Pastoral Times was honoured to again be the major sponsor of this year’s Business Excellence Awards, a mantle we have proudly held since the awards were reignited about 15 years ago after a short hiatus.

We look forward to many more award ceremonies, where the outstanding quality in the local business world takes centre stage.