Recognise Jesus and pray for peace

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Chocolate eggs, chickens, bunnies and bilbies and even a chocolate marshmallow dinosaur!

Easter can be a chocolate overload, a sugar high.

It has me thinking, if chocolate was not made until 1847 what would the first Christians have celebrated with realising that Jesus Christ, their friend and Messiah, had risen from the dead and was alive?

They were most likely so excited and joyful that all Jesus had promised was coming true, that He was with them again, they didn’t need extra food and drink to celebrate.

The wonder amid confusion, the joy rising from sadness, the questioning becoming a reality ... Christ had risen from the dead and was alive!

Easter is a time for renewed faith and hope, for recognising Jesus our Saviour in the daily happenings of our lives.

It is a time not just for one day or week, but for every day of our Earthly life lived in faith and hope and sharing God’s love with all people.

The first disciples of Jesus did not immediately recognise Him, they were so shocked with all that was evolving.

When Jesus said one word to Mary Magdalene, her name ‘‘Mary’’, she knew who He was.

Sometimes we might not recognise Jesus in our lives and world, so I encourage us to listen with the “ear of your heart” (words of St Benedict) to Him calling our name and seeking our living response in prayer and action.

Thursday is Anzac Day, a time when we remember all who went to fight in the many wars and conflicts over 100 years and in peace-keeping operations.

Many died, many more were wounded and many continue to suffer after returning from service. We pray for all service men and women and give thanks that with their courageous efforts the world could be a more peaceful place.

With the Risen Christ let us pray for peace and justice, faith and hope.

~ Contributed by Rev Wayne Sheean of St Paul’s Anglican Church, on behalf of the Combined Churches of Deniliquin.