Glory show dominance

By Cognitives Editor

Glory was on fire in round three of Deniliquin and District Soccer Club’s season on Saturday.

They must have been spurred on by Perth Glory being in the A-League final because they won in every grade where there was a Glory team.

There were mixed results across the other matches, but it was great to see such sportsmanship amongst rivals in each game.

The Friday night High School competition continues this Friday at 6.30pm at Rotary Park, with a free hot dog night.

Training on Thursday nights has been a great success with players learning lots of new skills and improving the overall competition.

Thank you to Josh Perizzolo and Jacob Hird for hosting these sessions.

Training is open to all players from 5pm on Thursdays, also at Rotary Park.

With a sugar fix available at the canteen, it is great to see plenty of parents providing a healthy alternative source of energy for team members on the sidelines.

There is no better look thank the orange ‘mouthguard’.


A Grade: Both were close matches. Mariners and Heart had a high scoring affair while the Victory and United match was even at 1-1 for most of the game. However, an unfortunate own goal by United handed Victory the game.

Victory 2 d United 1. Best: Oscar Thompson, Elena Mulham. Sportsmanship: Mark Busby, Charlotte Hodgson.

Mariners 6 d Heart 5. Best: Jessie Hart, Harry Kirk. Sportsmanship: Treh Salan, Ian Gray.

B Grade: Victory and Heart had a very high scoring match which was entertaining to watch with some great goals. Both sides showed good teamwork. United and Roar showed off their passing skills and demonstrated their teamwork.

Victory 7 d Heart 6. Best: Henry Robinson, Oliver Dunmore. Sportsmanship: Nathaniel Willmott, Stella Bashford.

Roar 5 d United 2. Best: Annabelle Hanns, Braith Gow. Sportsmanship: Connor Wilson, Bethany McCurdy.

Glory 2 d Mariners 1. Best: Issiah Ledwidge, Lara Strong. Sportsmanship: Jake Harvey, Declan Galbraith-Nixon

C Grade: All games were one sided matches this week, with some great sportsmanship shown in the United and Roar match.

Glory 5 d Mariners 2. Best: Jaxon Ives, Corben Hayes. Sportsmanship: Emma Wettenhall, Jaxon O’Donnell.

Roar 5 d United 0. Best: Logan Andrews, Eden Bult. Sportsmanship: Jacob Norris, Fred Hodgson.

Heart 8 d Victory 3. Best: Jaxon Rothe, Reece King. Sportsmanship: Brittany De Travers, Lucas Thompson.

D Grade: Heart scored early in their match against United but went into the break 1-1. United proved too strong for Heart though keeping them scoreless in the second half.

Glory and Roar had a great game with a spectacular goal from Angus Knuckey to finish it off.

Victory and Mariners must have had some proud grandparents with the Haig twins getting best player and sportsman for Victory and their cousin Spencer Hayes getting best for Mariners.

Glory 5 d Roar 2. Best: Lachlan Tritton, Finn Bult. Sportsmanship: Isla Andrews, Vivian Thomson.

United 3 d Heart 1. Best: Monique Crothers, Mitchell Thompson. Sportsman: Hugo McGrillen, Angelina Maunganidze.

Victory 7 d Mariners 3. Best Charlotte Haig, Spencer Hayes. Sportsmanship: Issabella Haig, Ethan Baker.

Open: Close games again in Open grade with each team having multiple opportunities to take the lead. Mariners started strongly against Heart, however an own goal from Allana Moorse brought Heart level allowing Bailey Hart to seal the victory.

Mariners 1 drew United 1. Best: Shannon King, Liam Romanin. Sportsmanship: Elijah Jansen, Adrian Mulham.

United 3 d Heart 2. Best: Bruce Maunganidze, Sam Membrey. Sportsmanship: Brian Moore, Amy Markham.

Heart 2 d Mariners 1. Best: Bayden Thompson, Bailey Hart. Sportsmanship: Allana Moorse, Ash Hart.

Round Four Draw:

9.30am - A grade — Mariners vs United; B grade — Heart vs United (field 1), Victory vs Mariners (field 2),Roar vs Glory (field 3); D grade — United vs Roar (field 5), Mariners vs Glory (field 6), Victory vs Heart (field 7). 10.30am - A grade — Victory vs Heart; B grade — Heart vs United (field 1), Victory vs Mariners (field 2), B Roar vs Glory (field 3); Joeys and Kangas. 11.30am - Open — Heart vs Mariners. 12pm - Open — Heart vs United. 12.30pm - Open — United vs Mariners.

A grade umpire: Richard McDaid; B grade and C grade umpires: Jeremy Busby, Bailey Hart and Kyle Mula; D grade umpires: Matt Crothers, Peter Thompson, Matt Tubb; Open grade umpires: volunteers from other teams.

Canteen: Karen Hanns, Sarah Tritton and Sarah Purtill.