Convincing win for Rams A grade

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

The Deni Rams A grade side remain fourth on the Murray League ladder following an impressive 21 goal win against seventh placed Mulwala on Saturday.

The Rams started with a convincing intensity against the Lions and maintained a consistent high work rate throughout the four quarters of netball.

Deni were able to make adjustments to their game quickly and efficiently, allowing them to convert from multiple turnovers in defence.

Eliza Eastman had a superb game in defence while Bec Biggs was outstanding with her movement in attack and accuracy in goals.

Ella Park and Leah Blake were consistent with their efforts in defence and attack respectively.

Final score, Deni Rams 52 to Mulwala 31.

Awards: Club Incentive - Eliza Eastman; Globe - Bec Biggs; Fitnow! - Ella Park and Leah Blake.

The B grade Rams had their second loss of the season against ladder leader Mulwala.

Mulwala came out strongly and took an early nine goal lead, making it hard for the Rams to get into the game.

To the Rams’ credit though, they went toe to toe with the Lions for the remainder of the match, going down by eight goals.

Georgia Richards spent her day dominating the court, feeding the attack end beautifully and defending relentlessly.

Final score, Mulwala 43 to Deni Rams 35.

Awards: Club Incentive - Georgia Richards; River and Grain - Rachel Maher; Motiv8 - Frieda O’Sullivan.

It was an absolute thriller in C grade, with the Rams coming away with a one goal win.

It was a game of solid, contested netball with neither side giving an inch.

During the first quarter Mulwala came out of the blocks strong and fast, leaving Deni a little shell shocked and seven goals down at the first change.

The quarter break gave the Rams time to compose and make a couple of positional changes.

Slowly through the second and third quarters Deni pegged back the seven goals through the tremendous defensive work of Steph Maher and Laura Circuitt.

Maddy Callanan was also instrumental defensively causing turnovers and making it difficult for the Mulwala mid-court to find the circle’s edge.

There was nothing in it during the final quarter.

The Rams took a four goal lead early but Mulwala kept coming, resulting in thrilling finish.

Final score, Deni Rams 46 to Mulwala 45.

Awards: Club Incentive - Steph Maher; Globe - Laura Circuitt; Fitnow! - Maddy Callanan.

Deni’s C reserve girls had to fight hard from the start against the Lions, with the Rams eventually getting up by four goals.

It was goal for goal each centre pass to start the game, with both teams competing to get the first break.

Deni had the lead by one goal after the first quarter, but the battle continued into second when the sides again went goal for goal.

Despite Mulwala’s defensive efforts Deni continued to stay a fraction in front throughout the game.

Laura Circuitt played well shutting down Mulwala’s tall shooter and Kaila Park complemented the attacking end playing smart controlled netball and shooting accurately.

Bella White stayed strong against her skilled and mature opponent.

Final score, Deni Rams 35 to Mulwala 31.

Awards: Club Inventive - Laura Circuitt; Fitnow! - Kaila Park; Coach House - Bella White.

The Under 17s Rams had a dominant 28 goal win over Mulwala.

Deni had control for the entire game, putting defensive pressure over the court from the forward line to the back line and maintained strong possession in attack.

Molly Shaw dominated through the centre court, delivering perfect feeds into the ring.

Chelsea Free had an outstanding game in defence, hunting down the ball before heading into the attacking end.

Final score, Deni Rams 52 to Mulwala 24.

Awards: Bennett’s - Molly Shaw; Subway - Tessa Bulmer; Glow Beauty - Chelsea Free.

The U15s Rams overcame a tough start in cold and wet conditions to extend their undefeated run to 10 wins.

After the side worked into the game in the first quarter, Dakota Mitsch had a strong game through the middle combining well with different players.

Sam Hughes and Chloe Way combined well in attack, both shooting accurately and adjusting to playing different positions.

Deni’s defenders and midcourters made the most of every opportunity creating many turnovers and finding clear passages to their attackers.

Final score, Deni Rams 41 to Mulwala 19.

Awards: Reflections - Dakota Mitsch; Eric Sim Pharmacy - Sam Hughes; Brontes - Chloe Way.

A really solid effort from the U13s Rams after a slow start when trialling some different playing combinations saw them come home with a 13 goal win.

Deni showed great composure to keep giving it their all and a dominant third quarter saw a 13 goal turn around.

The Rams showcased great fast play, moving the ball well between players with great defensive pressure all over the court.

Final score, Deni 27 to Mulwala 14.

Awards: Scoop n’ Brew - Pheobe Sander; Fitnow! - Shanè Bothma; Subway - Mia Parks.

The U13s Blue Rams had the opportunity to play a Saturday game against Mulwala this week.

All girls played well in the 17 goal win.

Starring on the day were Mae Keane, Chloe Manzin and Sophie Hillier, who all played beautifully and showed their versatility and skills.

Final score, Deni Rams 25 to Mulwala 8.

Awards: Subway - Mae Keane; Intersport socks - Chloe Manzin; McDonald’s - Sophie Hillier.

The chilly morning didn’t stop the Rams U11s from a convincing 13 goal win over Mulwala.

The first half of the game was evenly and tightly contested from both teams.

The second half saw some beautiful passages of play allowing the Rams girls to get ahead.

Ava Richards and Hayley Whittakers created many intercepts and applied great defensive pressure down the court.

Shontai O’Callaghan worked hard in attack feeding and passing the ball into he shooters.

Final score, Deni Rams 25 to Mulwala 12.

Awards: Bennett’s Drink Bottle - Ava Richards; Scoop n’ Brew - Shontai O’Callaghan; Bennett’s - Hayley Whittakers.