Pick up, drop off, don’t park illegally

By David Rak

AN ECHUCA man has run out of patience.

The Bridlington Ave resident is sick and tired of people parking where they please near St Mary’s Primary School.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he had lost count of the times someone has parked across his driveway since he moved to his property in 2010.

And he said it was not only an annoyance for him, but a major safety issue for students going to and from school.

“It’s a permanent 40km/h zone and there are clear signs where you can and cannot park,” he said.

“We need someone to enforce the rules to stop this happening. I want to see more policing and people getting booked for doing the wrong thing. That’s the only way it’s going to stop.

“It’s worse during school times because of how busy it gets. Something needs to be done or someone will get hurt.”

Campaspe Shire regulatory and community services general manager Paul McKenzie said school pick up and drop off was busy around every school, particularly primary schools.

“The problem around St Mary’s is no different to other primary schools in Echuca.

‘‘The traffic and parking has been further increased with the opening of Twin Rivers,” he said.

“Delays in opening the road connection have further impacted the area. Council is closely working with the developer and VicRoads to progress the opening.

“Our local laws staff have attended the area in response to complaints about parking behaviour, as well as ongoing monitoring of the area. Their focus is to ensure children’s safety and address illegal parking habits. Fines will be issued to drivers for not obeying the parking signs.

“Police have also been notified and are monitoring the area to ensure safe road practices are occurring and road rules are adhered to.

“Any resident with concern can contact council, 1300 666 535, and lodge a service request.”

Echuca Police Sergeant Paul Nicoll said speed was not an issue at Bridlington Ave but parking violations were common, as they are at most schools across the state.

“People parking in the wrong place has been an issue since the school was built,” he said.

“It’s a common problem and we give it attention as much as we can. Campaspe Shire are aware of the issue and are working on it.”