So tell me, please, what were the dinosaurs like?

By Riverine Herald

ECHUCA Specialist School students were eager to find out what it was like to walk with dinosaurs when they had the chance to ask their grandparent questions recently.

But weren’t disappointed when their elders fell short with their answers – that they, unfortunately, weren’t around then.

That didn’t stop the questions from the students coming in what was a first for the school.

‘Ask gran, not Google’ encouraged primary and secondary students to switch off their devices and tune into their elders instead and coincided with grandparent’s day on October 26, principal Paul Marshall said.

“I thought it was a great thing to get involved with,” he said.

“We see a lot of students who are very much obsessed with iPads, phones and computers so we really wanted to encourage children to put down their device and go and talk to an adult.

“I see young people spending too much time in front of screens.”

Teacher Katie Devlin said the event was about talking to people.

‘‘We wanted to get children off their devices and to have conversations with their families,’’ she said.

‘‘The funniest question was, ‘what was it like to walk with dinosaurs?’’’

Aged care provider Feros Care has rolled out the ‘ask gran, not Google’ program in almost 150 schools across several states after securing a strong and resilient communities grant from the Federal Government.

Feros Care chief executive Jennene Buckley said it allowed teachers to inspire social change when it came to how children viewed today’s seniors.

“There is a concern in the modern world that the community generally stereotypes older people as frail, past their used-by date, unable to work, physically weak, mentally slow, disabled or helpless,” she said.

“At Feros Care we know this is certainly not the case. We routinely hear seniors tell us that they feel invisible, unrespected and undervalued when in reality they are the wisest people in our communities with a lifetime of experiences that should be celebrated, acknowledged and shared.”