Pyramid Hill pre-school’s native vegetation boost

By Lachlan Durling

THANKS to a Victorian Government grant and a whole lot of hard work by volunteers, the Pyramid Hill Pre-School now has native vegetation around the grounds.

The pre-school was one of 109 schools and youth organisations to receive a Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity Grant through DELWP and Landcare Australia to educate students on native vegetation and get children into nature.

Over a number of days in the past six months, volunteers — 30 children and 50 adults — set out to restore native vegetation within the pre-school grounds with Creeping Salt Bush, Ruby Salt Bush and some Gold Dust Wattles already on the grounds.

‘‘Our intention was also to revegetate the east and north boundary of the pre-school, we wanted to add to the area by planting more native species of tree,’’ Pyramid Hill Pre-School committee president Kirsty Twigg said.

‘‘And while we were doing that, we taught the children the value of native vegetation — and we’ll be teaching it to the new students every year.’’

To assist the pre-school, Jenny Spence from the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions (DJPR), someone who has been involved in environmental work within the region for more than 20 years, volunteered her time and expertise to run an educational session and assist with the preparation, selection and planting of the native vegetation.

‘‘We were fortunate to purchase some equipment using part of the almost $2000 project funding. Thank you to Millers Ag in Pyramid Hill for sourcing the equipment to allow us to do those works,’’ Ms Twigg said.

‘‘The funding was also used to purchase 200 shrubs, grasses, herbs and ground covers native to the Pyramid Hill area and some mulch. The guards for the trees were donated by Jenny Spence.

‘‘We have water to the back area, thanks to pre-school parent Alison Farrar for plumbing up a couple of taps.

‘‘And a huge thank you to Chris Mann and the Farrar and Broad families for watering over the Christmas holidays and to the current 2019 pre-school children and educators for watering the plants during first term.’’

Once the area is established the pre-school will have outdoor activities within the school grounds to learn and identify what species are utilising the habitat that has been created and monitor the plant species, be it seed or flowers.

The pre-school would also like to thank Loddon Shire for supporting the project and allowing permission to use the land.