Jonathan to lead Monivae College

By Riverine Herald

FORMER Echuca teacher Jonathan Rowe will be at the helm of Monivae College in Hamilton from the start of next year.

Mr Rowe, who grew up in Echuca and attended St Joseph’s College — and then spent his graduate year teaching at the college — has been the deputy principal of Monivae for the past six years and said he was looking forward to leading the school into the future.

Monivae College is a co-educational Catholic secondary school with about 550 students — including boarding. It is one of the largest secondary schools in the western district.

‘‘It’s slightly daunting but it will be an easy transition. It’s exciting to lead the school but it’s a great honour and humbling,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s about making a positive contribution to students’ lives, so enthusiasm and support toward them is really important to ensure everyone has the perfect opportunity.

‘‘I’ve learnt an enormous amount from our current principal — but you take the good aspects you learn from everyone you’ve worked with and mould it to how you would like to lead.’’

Mr Rowe will be in the role for five years, however it is likely that he will do two terms, spending a decade leading the school.

And although it may be a far cry from his first gig at St Joe’s, he said his very first role at his old high school was a memorable one.

‘‘It was an interesting experience (to go from being a student to a teacher) because most of the teachers who taught me were still there and they were now my colleagues,’’ he said.

‘‘But everyone, parents and teachers, were very welcoming and it was a great two years.’’