Finley BC to host annual Mulgrave visit tomorrow

By Southern Riverina News

Finley BC

Players are reminded of the visit by Mulgrave Bowling Club tomorrow and more players are required to play against them.

The entry sheet is on display on the notice board or ring Don McKellar on 0459 160 749. Mulgrave have included Finley on their program for many years and always provide good bowling and great friendship.

Geof Trevorrow and Robert Poore formed the winning side on Sunday morning.

Consolation to Ron Pentland.

In the handicap singles Don McKellar defeated Laurie Walsh and Geoff Trevorrow defeated Steve Johnson.

The final rounds will be played this week.

All bowling members are reminded of the Murray Bowls annual presentation of trophies event at Barooga Golf Club at 1.30pm on Sunday, May 19.

The induction of further qualified people into the Hall of Fame will form part of this event.

To assist with the catering arrangements, members are asked to include their name on the list provided if they intend being present.

Closing date for names for this special event close this Sunday.

Raffle roster officials: Shiela Walsh and Lesley McKellar.


Only a few hardy souls entered onto the green on Saturday but the fine weather saw another great turnout on Sunday for the Round Robin championship.

Peter Blake was the stand out performer on the weekend with Myles Humphries also having a great day.

The round robin event has proved to be a great way to keep bowlers on the green in the off-season

Bowlers may play their round-robin event at any time when the greens are open and available for play.

However the greens will be mowed and rolled for play from 12pm on Sunday for anyone looking to get through their games.

Round 1 matches: M Hansen d L Commins 8-4; P Doble d H Rennick 8-3.

Round 2: P Blake d M Curtin 9-4; D Reynoldson d G Parr 9-5.

Round 3: L Commins d R Bradbury 5-4.

Round 4: R Turley d K Goldsmith 5-4.

Round 5: P Blake d P McVicar 13-2.

Round 6: M Hansen d L Way 9-5.

Round 7: L Commins d K Goldsmith 15-1.

Round 8: P Blake d L Way 8-4; A Dalgleish d B Bashford 14-1.

Round 9: G Clements d B Daly 10-3.

Round 10: P Blake d M Hansen 11-6; G Clements d L Commins 5-4; B Daly drew with C Harvey 6-6.

Round 12: L Way d J Cottam 21-0; M Bush drew with C Harvey 5-5.

Round 13: M Hansen drew with K Goldsmith 8-8

Round 14: D Reynoldson d L Way 8-5; R Bradbury d M Curtin 13-4.

Round 15: M Humphries d M Bush 11-2; D Woodward d B Daly 8-7.

Round 16: D Woodward d L Commins 14-2.

Round 17: H Rennick d J Cottam 7-3; G Clements d P Doble 7-3; M Curtin d G Parr 12-2.

Round 18: C Harvey d P Doble 7-6; G Parr d A Dalgliesh 6-5; R Bradbury d D Woodward 12-5.

Round 19: J Cottam d B Bashford 12-9; G Parr drew with M Humphries 7-7; L Way d M Bush 13-2.

Round 20: R Bradbury d L Way 10-5.

Round 21: M Hansen d C Harvey 15-3.

Round 22: M Hansen d D Reynoldson 13-1; A Dalgliesh d G Clements 9-4.

Round 25: M Hansen d A Dalgliesh 12-2; R Bradbury d H Rennick 9-3.

Round 26: M Bush d B Bashford 13-3.

Round 27: R Bradbury d B Bashford 14-1.

Round 28: D Reynoldson d R Bradbury 11-4; L Way d C Harvey 12-2.

Round 29: D Woodward d M Humphries 12-3.