Wine Bluffs promise night of champagne comedy

By McIvor Times

“SOMETIMES the best jokes are the ones you crack at your own expense – or let someone crack for you. The Wine Bluffs holds a mirror up to the hobby of high-end wine appreciation, so its practitioners can appreciate just how ridiculous it is,” wrote Liam Mannix in The Age, with reference to his four-star review of the comedy performance, Wine Bluffs.

The live production stars ‘self-styled sommeliers of comedy’ Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja and is coming to Heathcote on Thursday, May 23 as part of a larger tour across Victoria and NSW.

Local actor Maree Hingston says the performance is ‘‘perfect for our region’’ and will ‘‘have you in stitches’’.

“It’s a light-hearted comedy about wine and the sometimes weird and wonderful descriptions that are used in wine-making circles,’’ Ms Hingston said.

“If you drink wine, make wine, or both, come and enjoy a great evening of hysterical entertainment.”

Wine Bluffs: 8pm Thursday 23 May 2019, Heathcote RSL Hall. Tix $10, 18+