Now’s the time to export your wine

By Vanessa Wiltshire

EXPORT opportunities for Australian wine, including Heathcote, are the strongest they’ve been for more than a decade, due to favourable trading conditions and increased investment.

Helping wine businesses capture these opportunities is the focus of Wine Australia’s Growing Wine Exports program – an initiative of the Australian Government’s $50 million export and regional wine support package (the $50m package).

Wine Australia chief executive Andreas Clark said the program was about upskilling businesses, so they could sell more wine creating more profitably in more markets with greater security.

‘‘The $50m package has given us an unprecedented opportunity to invest in export market intelligence, tools, calculators and case studies, and deliver heavily subsidised workshops that are completely hands-on; focus on individual business circumstances; and will help all wine businesses drive sales and profit growth,’’ he said.

‘‘No matter where you are in your own export journey, Growing Wine Exports can build your confidence to export, introduce new skills and facilitate greater export success,’’ he said.

Workshop participants will get the latest insights on:

■preparing for a market visit;

■pitching their brand;

■finding a distributor;

■outpacing their competitors;

■navigating export laws;

■pricing for profit, and;

■maximising their success in-market.

Rutherglen All Saints Estate chief executive Eliza Brown said the workshop session was ‘‘pitched really well’’ and helped her think about brand and capabilities.

‘‘It was a fantastic session which gave a good overview on the opportunities,’’ she said.

Vincent Bligh of Domaines & Vineyards, based in Perth, said the spreadsheet tools were something often overlooked.

‘‘But for a small business they would be time consuming to construct and therefore decisions are made more on the fly, the gift of the tool could be the greatest benefit alone if it helps planning across many wineries,’’ he said.

For information on the program, including online learning materials, visit