The fabric of local life

By Holly Tregenza

“WE said we would be here for five years, and soon it will be 14.”

It’s a classic Kyabram story.

But after almost a decade and a half at the helm of Mister Embroidery, owners Chris and Sheryl Hatch are grateful.

Grateful for what the community has given them, and what they’ve been able to give back.

“We’re a small business, so of course in hard times it has been hard. But we’ve been really lucky that we’ve always been able to support others,” Sheryl said.

Since taking over the business, the couple has seen Mister Embroidery grow and evolve into a one-stop shop.

In addition to running a trophy business out of the store, Chris and Sheryl offer a wide range of workwear, sportswear, corporate wear, work boots and school wear and stocks brands like Mongrel Boots, FXD, Yakka, King Gee, Bisley, Fashion Biz, JB Wear and Aussie Pacific.

The shop also specialises in high quality onsite embroidery, and offers screen printing and sublimation - a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye directly onto fabric - with all artwork done on site.

As part of Ky in July, Mister Embroidery will be having a range of items on sale each week which will continue into August.

Shutting shop for a few days to upgrade their store fit-out and shelving has left them with some excess stock they are keen to sell at a great price.

“I don’t think some people understand how important it is to shop local,” Sheryl said.

“Often people will come into Mister Embroidery and exclaim, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize you stocked this!’ They don’t even know what we have because they haven’t had a look yet. Embroidered or Unembroidered we have a garment to suit your needs. Give Ky a try before you go to the bigger regional centres.”

For information, call Mister Embroidery on 5853 2777.