Here’s one guy who just needs a little more luck

By Riverine Herald

THIS young man is one lucky dog.

He is lucky he was found as a stray, lucky he was brought to the Campaspe Animal Shelter where he was cared for and loved and lucky he has now been given a clean bill of health.

And aptly named Lucky is on the hunt for his next bout of luck — his forever home.

Lucky is a two-year-old, desexed Kelpie cross who was found in a pretty poor condition. With some gentle TLC and a well balanced, nutritional feeding program he has gained some weight and is now a healthy young man.

Lucky is a very happy-go-lucky kind of dog who has a cheeky smile and is very eager to please.

He will lap up all the attention he can get and will greatly benefit from obedience training to help him learn all his doggie manners.

This will also benefit his socialising skills with both dogs and humans as well as keeping his mind and body active. Being a working dog breed Lucky does have some natural herding instincts that could be enhanced in the right way through training.

He will need a home where twice daily walks or runs are on the cards and plenty of room for him to explore and keep himself busy while his owners aren’t home.

Lucky is available for adoption for $355. If you would like to meet Lucky contact the shelter team on 5480 3005 or visit