Just exactly what happened to me?

By Ivy Jensen

A GEELONG woman was left with more than bad memories during a houseboat holiday to Echuca-Moama last month.

In fact, Linda Warburton has limited memories of a particular night she ended up unconscious with a black eye near the Echuca-Moama bridge during a drunken walk.

In the early hours of August 25, the 56-year-old became disoriented while following some friends into the bush near the Echuca-Moama bridge.

‘‘After a bottle and a half of wine I shouldn’t have done it. But I couldn’t find them so I just kept walking,’’ she said.

‘‘I think I ended up walking along Sturt St and then I don’t remember anything until a taxi driver asked me if I was okay.

‘‘I ended up unconscious on the big roundabout. I remember walking over towards Aldi but have no idea whether I tripped and hit my head or someone hit me.’’

Linda said the female taxi driver stopped and called her an ambulance, waiting with her until it arrived.

‘‘She was so good to me,’’ she said.

Police spoke with Linda before she was taken in a neck brace to Echuca hospital where she stayed for about six hours until she sobered up.

‘‘My eye was completely black,’’ she said.

‘‘I still have a massive lump on my brow bone.

‘‘If I fell over, it was my own fault but I don’t really know if that’s what happened. If it was me just being drunk, I’m okay with it but not knowing is stressing me out.’’

She is hoping to get some closure and is asking anyone who may have seen her that night to contact her.

‘‘I was hoping to get in touch with the taxi driver or anyone who witnessed my fall,’’ she said.

Anyone with information that may help Linda can send her a private inbox to her facebook page (Linda Green) at