Survey ends soon

By Country News

Sheep producers are running out of time to have their say on the future of sheep parasite management as the national sheep parasite survey comes to a close next month.

Producers around the country are being urged to participate and have their say in the way the industry manages parasites including worms, flies and lice.

The survey is anticipated to attract more than 1000 participants and has not been performed since 2011.

Led by a team of researchers from the University of New England, the Australian Wool Innovation-funded survey will assess the parasite control measures of sheep producers across Australia, focusing on worm, liver fluke, blowfly and lice control.

AWI research general manager Jane Littlejohn said the survey results would enable industry to identify the important parasite management issues impacting sheep producers.

‘‘The results from the parasite survey will also provide updated regional benchmarks for parasite control,’’ Dr Littlejohn said.

‘‘The resulting benchmark will be available to sheep producers to then compare their management practices and, if necessary, make changes to their enterprises.’’

Internal and external parasites combined comprise the major disease problem of Australian sheep, costing the industry an estimated $715million a year, including $495million in lost production and $220million in costs of control.

■The survey closes on April 5 and can be accessed at: