Lamb record broken again

By Country News

Bendigo Livestock Exchange has seen its lamb price record broken again, with the previous record being set only the week before.

After 45 lambs were sold for $336/head on July 1, J. Conlan, of Creekview, sold a pen of 44 for $340/head at the July 8 sale.

Bendigo is not the only saleyards to see records broken recently, after a single lamb was sold at Shepparton on July 5 for $280.

Last month, Corowa (at the June 17 sale) held the Australian record for just three days before Wagga Wagga took the title away with a price of $354.20/head.

While the record prices are music to producers’ ears, State Member for Eastern Victoria Jeff Bourman was not so positive.

‘‘We have some of the greatest produce in the world, which commands a good price, but the recent drought has meant that the number of sheep available to the market is at its lowest in 100 years,’’ the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP said.

‘‘This has driven the price up which will be reflected in the street price of lamb.

‘‘As the cost of raising livestock rises due to drought and factors such as inflation, soon it’ll only be corporate farmers that will be in a position to run a sustainable farming enterprise.

‘‘This means that our food sources could be in the hands of international interests rather than families who have been the lifeblood of our society for generations.’’