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Jaylor specialists talk nutrition with farmers

By Dairy News

JAYLOR SPECIALISTS have been visiting Australian farms to further their knowledge of the local dairy and beef industries, and discuss feed techniques with farmers.

International Business Development Manager for Jaylor mixer wagons, Marty Philippi, and Ruminant Nutritionist, Dr Alan S Vaage Ph.D. have visited farms in southern Australia, and will hold workshops for Jaylor dealers and farmers in Victoria and Tasmania this month.

PFG Australia’s Kawl Gawlick said the men will address feed issues with the intention of improving dairy and beef nutrition and productivity.

Jaylor has been a major mixer-feeder brand in the Australian market for more than 15 years.

“Recognizing that the beef and dairy markets have been changing rapidly and become more challenging in recent years, Mr Philippi and Dr Vaage came to find out exactly how Jaylor mixer-feeders continue to fit into the mix, and how they can assist in that process,” Mr Gawlick said.

“Their aim is to help Australian farmers realize the potential of feeding superior rations to both beef and dairy cattle using Jaylor feeder-mixers.”

Mr Philippi said Dr Vaage joined Jaylor in 2010 and since that time has been involved with the development of the Jaylor mixer wagons.

“Since then, we consider the mix characteristics that we require before designing the machine.”

“The industry is in transition. We now consider the environment in which the animals are being reared, the technology that we use to provide the best possible environment, and the exact constitution of feed, the total mixed ration (TMR) and the availability of its components.”

“Alan’s nutritional expertise is employed across the board from the development of our machines to demonstrating the increase in productivity that can be gained through TMR feeding.”

Dr Vaage has been a Ruminant Nutritionist for 30 years and specializes in digestive physiology, rumen function, and forage utilization.

He has worked extensively with both beef and dairy producers and is recognized as an expert in both dairy and beef nutrition.

“With his wide ranging experience in all types of beef and dairy production systems, including large North American dairy and beef feedlot operations, Dr Vaage is uniquely qualified to identify potential opportunities for improving production and profitability of livestock operations in Australia, through the use of Total Mixed Ration (TMR) technology,” Mr Philippi said.

“Previously we’ve talked about the effectiveness of machinery per-se, and its research and development.

“Now we are not just talking machinery, we are talking techniques, troubleshooting and high quality nutrition in order to maximize the value the farmer gets from owning a Jaylor mixer-feeder.”

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