Don’t Stop Me Now, I’m on a Rock ‘n’ Roll

By Ivy Jensen

QUEEN has taken over my house.

Ever since the girls and I watched our most highly anticipated movie of the year — Bohemian Rhapsody (alongside A Star is Born. It seems I am the last person on Earth who hasn’t seen it so don’t you dare spoil the ending for me) — our lives have been taken over by the electrifying music of Freddie Mercury.

To the point that we have been fighting over Spotify so we can jam out in peace to our favourite tunes. 

I Want It All and so do my children.

When we all pile into the car, we switch off the Radio (Ga Ga), and blast out Bohemian Rhapsody.

We seriously look like a female version of Wayne’s World, headbanging our way into town.

And we’re all competing for that Killer Queen voice so We Will Rock You.

Unfortunately I can’t quite reach that high-pitched Galileo quite like the girls.

Unless of course I’m going in for my monthly Brazilian wax. But I’ve always performed better when I’m Under Pressure.

Anyhoo, the soundtrack has been on repeat at my house for the past two weeks and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

So Don’t Stop Me Now, because when I find a song, band or musical I love, it becomes all-consuming. 

It’s a Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

It becomes part of my daily routine — when I wake up, shower, eat breakfast, drive to work, shop for groceries, cook dinner, exercise, train for my upcoming Bicycle Race (how else was I going to get this one in?) and clean the house.

Now I hate housework as much as the next Fat Bottomed Girls, but Queen makes it all better.

It’s a Hard Life scrubbing toilets but listening to Freddie’s operatic vocal range makes it Kind Of Magic.

Mopping floors makes me feel like I’m Going Slightly Mad, but the special resonance of Queen makes it worthwhile.

Hopefully one day I’ll look as good as Freddie while vacuum cleaning in a black leather skirt and pink top.

Getting the girls to clean their rooms has always been a nightmare. It’s like waiting for the Hammer To Fall.

They’d rather Tie their Mother Down than listen to me nagging them about cleanliness. 

Now my children might be the Love Of My Life but there are times I Want To Break Free from the chaos.

But if I turn on the rocking sounds of Queen, the girls are more likely to Play The Game.

Why? Neuroscientists have discovered listening to music heightens positive emotion in our brain, stimulating hits of dopamine that can make us feel good, or even elated.

t makes tedious tasks bearable. It offers comfort to the suffering, it gives strength to the weak. It’s healing, entertaining, therapeutic and mood-enhancing.

Music is a universal language that can be understood by all humans. Music, and in this case Queen, unites us.

Life can be tedious and challenging and overwhelming, but you need to Keep Yourself Alive because We Are The Champions.

And Another (Mama Mayhem) Bites The Dust.