Mama Mayhem

Mama is on a roll, and she has a new (lead) role too

By Riverine Herald

I AM on a serious high.

They say bad things happen in threes, but I’ve had a trio of nothing but good things happen to me over the past week.

It started off with a trip to Melbourne with my daughter Ayla, her dad Jace and stepmum Amanda.

Now, I’m sure many separated parents would rather gouge out their eyes

than spent a weekend with their ex’s, but it was all for a good cause. Bon Jovi.

As an early Christmas gift and ‘good job on going through with your surgery without running away’ present for Ayla, we bought tickets to see the sexy rocker live in concert.

And what a concert it was. First of all it was at the MCG, which I have never been to (cue gasp) so that was pretty special.

And before we knew it, 8pm if I remember correctly, the man himself appeared.

I thought that was an early start for a rock band but when I saw how grey Bon Jovi had become, I realised he probably needed to be in bed by 11.

However, he still knew how to rock and what he lacked in vocals (he struggled to hit some of those high notes), he made up for in stage presence and appeal.

The roar from the crowd and the impromptu light show when he sang Bed of Roses was enough to send chills down our spines.

To top off the weekend, we were treated (very generously by Amanda and Jace) to an executive suite at Crown Towers. It’s something everyone has to do at least once in their lifetime.

We made the most of the pool, spa and steam room as well as the luxurious bathrobes, and I may have crammed as many in-room freebies in my suitcase as possible. Let’s just say I won’t be needing to buy any slippers, toiletries and sewing kits for quite a while.

Now, that would have been enough to make my week, but there was more to come.

Drum roll please. I have been cast as Morticia in Echuca-Moama Theatre Company’s production of The Addams Family.

My first major lead. In the words of Ayla I’ve ‘‘hit the big time’’.

So it was all very exciting and overwhelming until I was given the script and the enormity of it all hit me like a ton of bricks.

Then my wonderfully anxious brain went into overdrive — ‘‘can I do this?’’, ‘‘what if I disappoint everyone?’’, ‘‘how many dances do I have to do?’’, ‘‘books down when?!’’

Anyhoo, it’s all good and I am relishing the challenge and looking forward to working my slightly smaller butt off (thank you exercise) over the next six months.

So, that news would have made my year, let alone week, but there was more to come.

I got the call to say I, along with 13 other journos from around the country, was awarded a prestigious new fellowship through the Walkley Foundation.

Which means I get to go to three retreats around Australia next year.

So the program is all about building and refining our knowledge of best practice reporting on violence against women and networking with some veteran journos on the issue which is absolutely fantastic, but I’m kind of hoping they may throw in a couple of spa days too. But maybe it’s not that kind of ‘retreat’.

So, good things happen in threes.

But, in the laws of gravity, what goes up must come down.

Let’s just hope it all doesn’t come crashing down this week.