Sentenced to go home for attack

By Riverine Herald

A SHEPPARTON man who beat up his partner with a bar after she and her son tried to leave him has been released after just 45 days in prison.

The man appeared in Echuca Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to 15 charges including theft, breach of an intervention order, threat to kill, recklessly causing injury and driving offences.

The court heard the accused attended a Ringwood 7/11 petrol station on July 8, 2015 where he and a co-accused drove off without paying for $90 of petrol.

Police prosecutor Acting Sergeant Sally Mannell then detailed how the man breached a 20-year intervention order taken out to protect another family member.

‘‘The accused turned up at Strayleaves Caravan Park in Shepparton where the family member lived, tooting his horn and demanding they come outside,’’ she said.

At which point ‘‘the other victim walked up to the car and told him to leave. The accused then threatened to kill him’’.

‘‘Police attended and the accused made admissions to being there, but not to the abuse. Police also found his vehicle was not registered.’’

Acting Sgt Mannell then told the court how at 4am on January 11, 2018, the man abused his partner after the victim’s son started crying.

‘‘The accused was angry about it, so the victim got up and started packing things to leave as he continued to verbally abuse her,’’ she said.

‘‘Her son was woken by the sound and came out. The victim told him they were leaving.

‘‘The accused then started to push the victim and she grabbed a vacuum cleaner and held up the pole to defend herself.

‘‘He then started punching, kicking and hitting her with a bar as she lay curled on the floor.’’

The woman was left with injuries including a loose tooth and a cut to the inside of her cheek.

The accused abused the same victim again on February 20, 2018.

‘‘Their relationship was coming to an end. He called her a dog and threatened if she called the police, he would smash her phone,’’ she said.

On February 11, 2018, the accused was intercepted for a routine check and found driving with an expired Queensland licence and then tested positive for methamphetamine.

The court also heard on March 11, 2018, at 12.45am, the accused and a co-offender broke into a house owned by a man who had moved into aged care.

‘‘The victim’s child lived next door and heard the accused and co-accused in the house. He called triple zero and police attended.

‘‘The accused placed down a box of items as police entered and arrested him.’’

Duty lawyer Greg Johnston said when his client had been placed on an intervention order in 2016 for other offences, he had ‘‘smashed it out in record time’’.

‘‘These offences happened in the context of his father dying, they were very close,’’ Mr Johnston said.

‘‘He went off the rails as part of that, so most of these happened within that three-month period.

‘‘When I first saw him, he was withdrawn. He’s a different man today.’’

Magistrate John Bentley handed the man a 40-day prison sentence for the threat to kill and recklessly causing injury charges.

‘‘You’ve already served 45 days, so you’re eligible for release immediately,’’ he said.

As Mr Johnston said his client’s partner wanted to ‘‘talk through the relationship’’, Mr Bentley placed the man on a limited order instead of a full intervention order, still allowing contact between the two.

He also took the offender off the road for eight months and handed him a 15-month therapeutic corrections order for the remaining offences, with conviction.