Club opens new door for disabled

By Riverine Herald

MOAMA Bowling Club has more than lived up to its name with the arrival of its first specialist lawn bowls wheelchair.

The club invited local wheelie John Raccanello to put the imported chair through its paces during a private session on the rinks under the club’s massive new cover.

And after a few ends the chair was given the thumbs up by John – much to the relief of MBC sales and marketing manager George Santos and Vivid’s Emily Umbers.

George said the club had been approached by Vivid on behalf of its clients to consider purchasing one of the specialist chairs, which are significantly lower to the ground, enabling wheelchair bound bowlers easy access for smooth deliveries of each bowl.

“The chair had to come from the UK and it has been a six-month process getting it here but we are delighted it has obviously worked so well,” he said.

“They cost $4500 but will provide people in our community, such as John, the chance to enjoy a game of social and/or pennant bowls, and that’s a great result for everyone,” he said.

“The initial contact was from Meaghan Broom, who works with John and we have been able to work closely with Vivid to make it all happen.”

Emily said often people don’t realise there are specialist options for people living with a disability and she said the ongoing support of the bowling club meant more people would be able to access the greens there.

“That the bowling club will keep the chair here and make it available, free of charge, for anyone who wants to give it a go is very exciting,” she added.

After getting a few of his first bowls to kiss the kitty, John said he would start getting some serious practice in the next few days.

“This is a real opportunity, not just for me but for anyone else in a wheelchair who wants to try it,” he added.

“I would really like to thank George and his club as well as Meaghan and the team at Vivid for making this happen.”

If you are interested in trying the new chair you can contact Moama Bowling Club on 1800 806 777.