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Echuca drug couple jailed

By Riverine Herald

ECHUCA’S convicted drug dealers Jason and Brooke Garner have been jailed for trafficking $90,000 worth of ice in less than four months.

Jason, 33, was sentenced to three years and two months jail, while Brooke, 36, will spend 18 months behind bars after they appeared in Melbourne County Court today.

Jason had pleaded guilty to trafficking methylamphetamine, possessing MDMA, a prohibited weapon (laser pointer and two extendable batons), a controlled weapon (cattle prod) and cash suspected of being the proceeds of a crime, while Brooke pleaded guilty to one charge of trafficking a drug of dependence.

It follows an extensive investigation by detectives who monitored the bikie-linked couple’s phones and bank transactions between April and August 2017, before raiding properties connected to them and a house in Croydon.

Although lawyers fought to keep at least one of the parents out of jail, arguing their three children would suffer without a mum and dad, Judge Meredith did not believe exceptional hardship was established.


‘‘Undoubtedly the incarceration of either one, and in particular both of you, will cause hardship to your children and/or those who have to care for them in the absence of one or in particular both of you. It is apparent, however, that your parents Mrs Garner are in a position to care for your three children,’’ he said.

‘‘In my view, the evidence is inconclusive regarding the financial burden of either or both of your imprisonment, as well as the potential behavioural difficulties that could be expected to occur in regard to your youngest child, and exceptional hardship does not arise.’'

Jason has a non-parole period is 22 months and he has also had pre-sentenced detention of 140 days.

Brooke has a non-parole period of nine months.