Cowardly bandit attacks couple

By Ivy Jensen

AN ECHUCA great-grandmother is still in shock after being attacked and mugged outside her house on Sunday.

Mary Elliott, 77, and her husband Vic, 76, were confronted by an unknown man who came running up to the verandah of their High St home about 6.10pm.

‘‘It was horrible, you just don’t expect it,’’ she said.

‘‘I feel like I’m in another world.’’

The couple had been to Moama Bowling Club that afternoon where they played the pokies and had dinner before catching the 6pm courtesy bus home.

‘‘I came walking up the ramp and Vic across the grass and this person came running across the front. I thought it was just someone running down the street at first.

‘‘And then he was there. He had a heavy jacket and a hoodie on. For a start, I thought it was one of the boys’ mates but then I realised he was serious.’’

The man grabbed the woman’s handbag and after a short struggle, ran off with the bag, which contained a large amount of cash.

‘‘He had my bag in sight. I was holding it and kept thinking ‘I’ve got to hold onto this bag’. I was determined he wasn’t going to get it,’’ Mary said.

‘‘I won $200 on the pokies which was in my bag and I had other money in there and all my personal belongings, including a book I take with me to the hospital every week for my blood tests, as well as all my cards.

‘‘He never said a word the whole time.’’

The man then fled, last seen running south down High St.

The attack left Vic in shock and Mary with painful reminders.

‘‘I’m very sore, every time I breathe. I don’t know whether I hit myself on the post and my hand is bruised,’’ she said.

‘‘Vic was just in shock. He has just had cancer so he’s not 100 per cent.

‘‘I haven’t been sleeping well since it happened. I can still see him standing there with his hoodie on.’’

Unfortunately, Mary couldn’t describe the man to police because he was so well covered and security video posted by her family hasn’t identified him either.

‘‘I just hope he doesn’t hurt another older person,’’ she said.

Police are investigating and reviewing the CCTV footage, with Mary praising them for their quick actions.

‘‘They walked all the way down Eyre St looking for him and looking in rubbish bins. They were just marvellous,’’ she said.

Anyone who has information or who might recognise the man, who was wearing a grey jumper and black tracksuit pants, is urged to contact Echuca police on 54831500 or Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.