Ask yourself the question — what is the purpose of life?

By Riverine Herald

HUMAN beings have significant life questions that require answers.

Three big bangers in particular for us to resolve: where did we come from; what are we here for; and, where are we going?

Some Aussies might respond that they’re far too busy having ‘fun’ to think of anything so deep as, what is the purpose of life?

But I’d suggest that living a life devoted to fun yet bereft of meaning, is actually meaningless.

And on the other hand, having a life loaded with meaning but devoid of fun is rather monotonous.

Why do fun and meaning have to be enemies though?

Anyway, moving to our first question: where did we come from?

Now, the Christian worldview sees the God of heaven as the creator.

If that’s not outrageous enough for some, the Bible’s book of origins suggests this all happened in just seven days.

That’s become contentious, and there is diversity of thought even within Christian academia about whether or not Genesis is referring to seven literal days.

But for the purpose of this short article, let’s consider the idea that creation took one solitary week.

Yes, seven literal days.

Some find this ridiculous, and I agree that it is.

That is, if you take a supernatural being out of the picture, it totally is.

However, if you put a supernatural God on the scene, everything shifts, in an instant.

The question could even become, why did God take so long?

If God is God, it could’ve all been accomplished with a simple click of the fingers.

Some might contend that seven minutes wasn’t a challenge; seven days was essentially God taking His time.

Hang on, the Bible isn’t a scientific document, and can’t be treated as such, others retort.

I agree that the primary Biblical intent isn’t to provide scientific arguments.

However, it does contain information that can be used for scientific purposes.

I also realise that the Biblical creation account has been superseded by evolutionary thought in the main.

Yet Sydney radio presenter Kel Richards rightly points out that, at best, evolution only ever offers a process of how life came about, but never, ever offers any purpose.

It’s only trying to resolve process.

So even for those who fully adopt an evolutionary viewpoint, they’re still stuck with no response to our first big question.

Even if we would fully embrace evolution, we’re still clueless in regards to the purpose of life.

It pretty much confirms life as meaningless.

The view of the Bible is human beings were created in the image of God.

Thus, each and every single one has intrinsic value.

Every living person is worthy of honour because they resemble their creator.

It sounds like a great platform to answer our next two questions, which will have to wait until next time.

Jonathon Schroder,

New Life Baptist Church