Why you can run towards your roar

By Riverine Herald

YOU know those dates that get permanently etched into your memory?

For me that date is August 15.

We were getting ready for a family dinner when I received a call from my brother informing me he’d been in a car accident and lost his wife and wanted me to meet him at the hospital as he felt completely alone.

The following days, weeks and months, felt like a never-ending season of emotional torment, where everything reminded me of my sister-in-law and how much life she’d brought to our family.

At times I felt like the best way to deal with the grief was to curl in a ball and hide from it rather than to move forward through the mess – and if that’s how I felt I could only imagine how my brother felt.

Recently I came across an African proverb that read: “Run towards the roar.”

The premise being, apparently one hunting tactic lions use is splitting the pride up and placing a few old lions at the front of the soon to be prey.

These old lions aren’t exceptional hunters but they still roar loudly.

Meanwhile, the young lions lurk on the other side of the field.

When herds come, they hear the lions roar, and run away towards the waiting ambush of young lions.

I love that thought; “Run towards the roar.”

Have you noticed how life roars at you?

Perhaps you’ve been made redundant at work and forced to pursue a different career.

Or you’re faced with health problems.

Perhaps your marriage or relationship is roaring at you to deal with problems that keep coming up.

All of us in one form or another have experienced life roaring.

Perhaps a question to ask is: “What do we do when life roars at us.”

Run from it, or towards it?

There’s a well-known biblical story called David and Goliath.

Goliath was a warrior, well versed in battle who was challenging the Israelite army to send their best warrior for a one-on-one winner takes all battle.

Goliath was big and intimidating, so instead of braving the duel the Israelites spent a month cowering away from it.

One day David goes up to the front line to bring his brothers some food.

While there David hears Goliath giving his usual rant and notices that no one was daring enough to take up his challenge.

So David convinced the King to let him fight Goliath.

David collected some stones for his sling shot and runs towards Goliath, slings a stone at him hitting him in the head and defeating him.

Goliath was David’s roar.

The loss of my sister-in-law was mine.

Losing his wife was my brother’s roar.

I wonder for you, what is your roar?

Roars are uncomfortable, intimidating, and even scary.

But what I have discovered is that life is found by moving through the roar.

Regardless of who you are or what your roar is?

Jesus wants to help you run towards your roar.

Rob Wiltshire

Epicentre Church