No voicemail, this line’s always open

By Riverine Herald

DURING the past few months, I have been experiencing problems with the telephone and internet connections, which has restricted my communication lines.

At one stage the landline and the fax line were crossed over, meaning I was receiving a lot of fax calls, which I could not answer.

It wasn’t until the telephone rang when I was expecting a fax, that I realised the wires must have been somehow mixed up.

The other thing happening is people are ringing and seem to be listening to the message on the answering machine but don’t leave a message or if they do, they don’t give a return number to enable a reply.

Communication is a vital part of our work at the Salvation Army and when it’s not working properly it can cause grief, annoyance, frustration and even anger at times.

This reminds me of a song in the Salvation Army song book written by John Gown and John Larsson:

There is a message, a simple message,

And it’s a message for us all;

There is a Saviour, and what a Saviour!

There is a Saviour for us all.


Let’s look at Jesus, for he’s the Saviour,

And he will answer when we call;

Let’s look at Jesus, for he’s the Saviour,

Yes, he’s the Saviour for us all.

Note the line “He will answer when we call”.

Then I recently came across a quote on Pinterest.com with a picture of a Minion that says;

“The first ever cordless phone was created by God.

He named it ‘Prayer’.

It never loses its signal and you never have to recharge it.

Use it anywhere!”

How true both these quotes are?

Unlike humans, God is reliable at the time and we can always turn to Him any hour of the day, His wires are not crossed, and He hears our message, and He does not need a return number to call you back.

God has a very important message, a simple message for us all.

So what is this important message that God wants us to receive?

Very simply, it is “I have loved you”.

We can read in the scripture from Malachi 1:1-2: ‘A prophecy: The word of the Lord to Israel through Malachi. “I have loved you,” says the Lord’.

And from John 3:16: ‘God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life’.

God’s love is the most important message of the entire Bible, and God’s love is the central message of Malachi.

God loves us.

Throughout the rest of the book God’s people ask Him a lot of questions.

And behind each one they are wondering: “How have you loved us?”

God always has an answer, and He has never once let His love slip, not even for a moment.

God loves you, even if you aren’t sure that He does.

Even if you don’t really know him yet.

Even if you know Him but have been resisting Him or living in rebellion against Him.

He still loves you, and He very much wants you to know that.

Sonia Edwards

Salvation Army