Spectacular night, spectacular story

By Riverine Herald

WE JUST finished running our Christmas Spectacular, and it was a great night.

Each year we put this event on simply because we love having the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with our community.

As isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to be, a celebration?

Christmas is a celebration, a party.

Specifically, for Christians it’s a birthday party — for Jesus — and birthdays are meant to be celebrated.

The Christian nativity scene paints for us a picture of celebration.

There is a freshly born baby, his mother Mary and step-father Joseph all huddled around a crib, along with some shepherds and wise camel riders.

What are they there for?

To celebrate.

To celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The first purpose of Christmas is celebration, but Christmas isn’t just a time of the year where eccentric Christians celebrate the birth of a random person born 2000 years ago.

What we celebrate at Christmas is the birth of Jesus our saviour, God in human flesh, born as a gift to all of us — you and I.

The Bible says that God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Without Jesus, our understanding of God’s love is, at best, limited.

God’s interaction with humanity prior to Jesus looks about as interactional as a child with an ant farm, where he feeds, waters, and watches ants, but never gets down on the ant’s level to see things from an ant’s perspective.

This is the incredible thing about Jesus and the reason for celebrating his birth. Jesus came to humanity as God in human flesh to interact with us on our level. To experience what we experience, to feel what we feel, to touch what we touch, to struggle how we struggle and ultimately to make a way for us to freely have connection with him and to receive eternal life.

God could have chosen another way to interact with us, to make himself known to us, but he didn’t.

He chose to become one of us and interact with us on our level, and to die for us.


Because he loves us.

So, Christmas is a celebration of God’s love, of God’s gift and of God’s desire to interact with us on our level.

Christmas is a reminder that God loves us regardless of our social position, of our bank account, of our health, of our actions.

Christmas is a celebration of God making a way for us to receive eternal life, which comes through Jesus Christ.

This Christmas let me encourage you to find yourself in church celebrating the birth of a Saviour, our personal Saviour Jesus Christ, the true ‘reason for the season’.

Rob Wiltshire

Epicentre Church