Rochester Primary School

By Campaspe News

Rochester Primary School

THE student voices are being heard loud and clear at Rochester Primary School.

The student leadership team comprises school captains, house captains and a very busy and enthusiastic student action team.

The school captains are a significant part of the team, with students from grade three to six applying for a position.

The team organises the school disco, discusses student surveys with the welfare teacher and the principal and offers advice and feedback on school programs including classroom programs, sport and student welfare.

The student action team is responsible for raising money for selected charities and running lunchtime activities.

After each weekly meeting the action team meets with the principal to discuss any current issues or ideas regarding what they want the school to be.

Preps are all very happy and have settled into our school and with the support of their grade six “buddy” have quickly become familiar with the schoolyard.

Mr Irwin is very happy with the enthusiasm and attitude the group has displayed in class, converting the occasional tear in the first week to lots of laughter and smiles.

This year the school welcomed Travis Cartwright. Mr Cartwright comes with extensive experience in information technology.

In addition to taking science and technology as a specialist area he is also developing programs to bring parents online in a more inclusive and interactive manner.

By the end of the year all parents should be able to access student work and their program and share information with their student’s teacher in real time.