Campaspe golf

By Campaspe News


The rain didn’t deter the niner diehards vying for the championship and the run on the course has well and truly gone.

Monday’s winner was Rod McAsey (55-17-38), a half stroke ahead of Frank Broucek with (46-71/2-381/2).

There were no claims for NTP on the 5th and 7th, Rod did his usual thing and had the straightest drive on the 9th with Frank having the hottest putter with 14.

Monthly medals: April: John Oakley. May: Frank Broucek.

Wednesday ladies played stroke with Denise Pappin flying in with 44-11-33 to win.

She has made the transition from lawn bowls to golf with very little effort.

Denise also had the straightest drive on the 3rd and the least putts with 12.

Runner-up was Naida Belot with 63-22-41 in her first game back after another medical problem.

Don’t forget the Campaspe Cup on Friday, May 31.


The final of the handicap fours matchplay championship will be played between the pairing of Richard Feuk and Laurie Radley against Bruce Bryant and Graham Willis after Saturday’s qualifying round.

Bryant and Willis have won the title for the past two years but will face tough opposition from the veterans who boast long handicaps and wily course management.

Saturday’s fourball par event attracted a strong field which saw Radley and Feuk win with a +6 score.

Bryant and Willis scored +3 while Rob Vise and Chris Eeles were close with +2.

NTPs: 3rd — Bruce Bryant. 5th — Ap Kuiper. 8th — Graham Willis. 9th — Leigh Hicks.

Wednesday nine-hole golfers attracted another great field and once again Bruce Bryant was in hot form.

He scored 21 stableford points taking the trophy from Kevin McCormack with 20.

Steve Malley was third on a countback also with 20.

NTP: 12th — Bruce Bryant.

The ladies stroke round on Friday resulted in a popular win for Julie Leahy who returned 108-37-72 from Jenny Major with 98-21-77.

NTPs: 5th — Julie Leahy. 8th — Marg Knight. 16th — Karen Taylor.

A big thank you to all members and family who worked or baked over the tournament to ensure its success.

Friday’s round is stableford.

Saturday is a singles par event and with the course well grassed after recent rain all members are urged to enjoy both our competition and fellowship. Russell Anderson is duty person.

Once again Rochester members continue to be well represented at local tournaments with 15 members travelling to Lockington last week for the Friday fourball.


The club’s annual tournament has drawn to a close after five big days.

The successful event was generously supported by visitors from 22 clubs: Axedale, Bamawm, Belvoir Park, Bendigo, Bridgewater, Castlemaine, Campaspe, Elmore, Hill Top, Inglewood, Kyabram Valley View, Lakeside at Lake Boga, Latrobe, Marong, Mitiamo, Neangar Park, Pyramid Hill, Quarry Hill, Raywood, Rich River and Rochester.

A big thank you to all the sponsors, without whom the event couldn’t happen.

Thanks to all the members and helpers who put in a huge effort to get things done, in the kitchen, on the course and in the clubhouse.

Amongst the many highlights it was lovely to see great supporters Maureen Fleiner and Denise Pappin amongst the trophies, and Barry Graham and Grant Humbert both won multiple trophies.

The biggest field in more than 20 years contested the Men’s 36 Holes Championship, which saw Elmore golfers well to the fore.

With two outstanding rounds of golf in the conditions, Grant Humbert won the SJ Windridge Trophy for the 8th time, having first won it in 1998.

Ladies’ 4BBB – 26 players, 10 clubs represented:

Division one winners: J. Brown and C. Edwards (Neangar Park) 38; runners-up: R. Iser and L. Prowse (Axedale) 37.

Division two winners: M. Kelly and M. Fleiner (Neangar Park) 37; runners-up: L. Wilson and M. Morrell (Elmore) 34.

NTPs: 3rd — A Brereton; 7th — L Kingston (Rich River); 17th — R Iser.

Ladies’ 18-hole stroke open championship – 15 players, six clubs represented:

A grade scratch winner and Robins Williams perpetual tray winner: A. Brereton; nett winner: J. Major (Rochester); nett runner-up: A. Woodman (Belvoir Park), c/b C. Prigg (Rochester).

B Grade scratch winner: D. Pappin (Campaspe); nett winner: M. Eade; nett runner-up: J. Warren (Belvoir Park), c/b M. Fleiner.

Best 9 out: D. Pappin; best 9 in: C. Prigg.

NTPs: 9th; second shot –—L. Janzen (Belvoir Park); 16th. — A Brereton.

Men 4BBB – 76 players, 11 clubs represented:

Division one winners: M. Lyons and G. Humbert 46; runners-up: B. Malone and J. Main (Rich River) 45, c/b R. Dixon and K. Humbert.

Division 2 was decided on a three-way countback. Winners: D. Lavery (Rich River) and B. Graham 47 c/b; runners-up: R. Connors (Rich River) and S. Holt, c/b R. Hardess and T. Mancer.

Ball comp: 45 — F. Schmidt and R. Bruce (Pyramid Hill), A. Palmer and S. Newth (Bamawm); 44 — E. Kraulis and B. Hopcott (Belvoir Park), A. Freemantle and T. Mullins (Pyramid Hill), G. Holmberg and M. Williams (Elmore), M. Hamley (Mitiamo) and G. Mooney, D. Pentreath and I. Maddison, M. Miles and C. Lister (Mitiamo), D. White and D. Ballantyne (Rochester).

NTPs: 3rd — Rob Hardess; 7th — N. Sawers (Marong); 16th — M. Miles; 17th — B. Hopcott; 2nd shot 5th — J. Main; 2nd shot 18th — G. Humbert.

Longest drive: G. Mooney (A), G. Milligan (B), D. Pentreath (C).

Mixed American – 20 players, six clubs represented:

Scratch winners: Steve Jones (Rich River) and Sherryl Jones 74; nett winners: K. and D. Free (Lakeside) 91-26.5-64.5; runners-up: J. and D. Mazzarella (Marong) 103-33-70.

NTPs: 3rd — O. Demeo (Raywood), K. Humbert; 7th — Sherryl Jones, T. Brooke; 17th — F. Newlan (Marong), J. Mazzarella.

Longest drive: Ladies – Sherryl Jones (division 1), C. Mitchell (division 2). Men – Steve Jones (division 1), I. Maddison (division 2).

Men 36-hole stroke open championship – 65 players, 12 clubs represented: A grade and SJ Windridge perpetual trophy: G. Humbert 70-71-141; nett: J. Walsh (Rochester) 73-68-141, c/b B. Duncan (Mitiamo); 18 holes am nett: G. Humbert 70-3-67; pm nett: S Newth 74-8-66.

B grade 36-hole scratch: G. Mangan (Elmore) 79-83-162; nett: R. Whittle (Elmore) 71-64-135; 18 holes am nett: J. Carnie 88-18-70, c/b G. Mangan, A. Tanner (Elmore); 18 holes nett pm nett: R. Whittle 79-15-64.

C grade 36-hole scratch: A. Shotton (Elmore) 100-84-184, c/b B. Graham; 36 holes nett: L. Mangan (Elmore) 67-60-127; 18 holes am nett: L. Mangan 97-30-67; pm nett: A. Shotton 84-20-64.

Veterans trophy: J. Carnie 70-71-141. LGC members best 18: B. Graham 86-20-66.

Ball comp (36-hole nett scores): L. Brooke (Neangar Park) 139, I. Haines 140, A. Tanner 140, J. Carnie 141, B. Tatt (Neangar Park), 143, S. Newth 143, S. Pallling (Rich River) 143.

NTPs: 3rd — G. Humbert (1m, winning the NTP prize over the tournament); 7th — J. Hodgens; 9th — S. Jones; 16th — B. Duncan; 17th — D. Beecroft (Elmore); 2nd shot 5th — S. Holt; 2nd shot 12th — B. Tatt; 2nd shot 18th — G Humbert.

Longest drive: Div 1: S. Jones; Div 2: D. Anderson (Mitiamo); Div 3: R. Hardess.


Last Tuesday, the golfers played a round of stableford with Tom Carboon coming out on top with 15 points.

Max Williams was the runner-up with 14 points and he also won the nearest to the pin on the 6th in three shots.

All are welcome to come and have a hit.

Wednesday saw the ladies contest the first round of the championships, with stroke being played.

Joy Rasmussen got the win with 81 nett on a countback from Trica Bamford also with 81 nett.

She also won the eagles nest on the 14th and received six golf balls.

Next week will be the second round of the championships.

On Sunday, Elmore golfers travelled to Raywood golf course to play for the Rodwell Shield — a competition which has been running for close to 40 years.

Participants were involved in a game of stableford.

Ladies’ results

Division 1: Winner: Joy Rasmussen (33 c/b). Runner-up: Marilyn Butcher (33).

Division 2: Winner: Sherryn Pedersen (35). Runner-up: Trica Bamford (33).

Men’s results

Division 1: Winner: Max Williams (33). Runner-up: Greg Holmberg (31).

Division 2: Winner: Ron McKenzie (29). Runner-up: Alan Campbell (28).

The Rodwell shield was won by Raywood with a score of 335 to Elmore’s 312.

Congratulations Raywood, watch out next year.

We would like to thank Rodwells for their sponsorship and the men and ladies of Raywood for putting on a great day.

The course was great and the food was great too, so thank you to all.


After the rain, the local men took to the course with great gusto, but returned scores suitable to the conditions.

Winner of the stableford round was Francis Lee with 39.

Runner-up was David Winchcombe, 32, on a count back from Shane Dyson.

NTP: 7th and 16th — M. McAsey, 4th and 13th (second shot) — A. Lee

Longest drive: 9th and 18th — Ben Newth.

Special mention to Jonathan McAsey who continues to improve.

Next week we will play a par round for both ladies and men.

All are welcome to come and have a hit with us.