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Busy girl doesn’t like sitting still

By Country News

Mooroopna’s Caleb Cox has his own herd of Speckle Park cattle, which are the only cattle Caleb’s border collie Gypsy is allowed to work on the 20 ha property.

That’s because she is too eager and strong when working, but she loves it when she gets the chance. According to Caleb’s dad Craig, Gypsy loves a chat with whoever she meets and, unlike the other dogs, will go outside during a storm and will catch the raindrops because she thinks they come from a sprinkler.

Gypsy doesn’t like men, but is good with Caleb and his siblings. She is always happy and also full-on and cannot sit still. With Gypsy not being the greatest working dog, Caleb takes inspiration from shows and field days to teach Gypsy new tricks. Currently, he is training Gypsy how to jump up a staircase formation of hay bales.

Although she is still mastering the jump, a trick Gypsy has mastered is catching food. While she enjoys travelling in the car and is the first to the passenger seat, Gypsy is scared of other animals if she goes places with Caleb. And despite not being keen on the motorbike, it is not the noise that is the issue, as Gypsy has no problem with the lawnmower.

How long have you had her?

Caleb: Close to a year now. I think we got her as a two-year-old.

What commands does she listen to?

Caleb: Sit and lay she came with. I taught her to handshake and to stand on her back legs.

Are there any standout things she does?

Caleb: Just when you don’t think she can jump any higher, she will go higher.

How does she greet you when you come home?

Caleb: She likes to sit on the chairs when we come home. You think you’re a human, don’t you?

Does she like to travel?

Caleb: She’s quick to jump in the car but she tries to bite the tyres of the motorbike.

What would you do without her?

Caleb: I think I’d be pretty sad.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods