2019 federal election ~ seat of Nicholls: Andrew Bock — independent

By Seymour Telegraph

I grew up on the north-eastern edge of Melbourne, in a town approximately the same size as Tongala, called Research.

I’ve had a keen interest in people, policy and politics since I was around three years old – Native Title, the first Gulf War and ‘The Recession We Had to Have’ feature large in my memories of childhood.

I’ve worked mostly in customer-focused advocacy roles – including seven years with Police Communications, answering triple zero calls.

As an independent, I’m not beholden to a city-centric Coalition partner, nor the coal-mining electorates up north.

The way I vote and the policy outcomes I work towards will be solely focused on the betterment of our Goulburn-Murray region.

I don’t want to press the pause button on the plan, I want to press the stop button.

In the past year I’ve attended 15 meetings – a mix of Productivity Commission, Ag Dept and community events – right up and down the Basin. From St George to Goolwa and everywhere in between.

I’m yet to find any positive impact on our farmers, our communities, the economy or the environment that the plan was supposedly created to protect.

We need to fix the carryover rules and inter-valley transfer regime, then have a Royal Commission to punish wrongdoing and to find an equitable way forward.

I think that independent and minor party candidates who work harder, listen better and fight for their community first and foremost will always do better. That’s what Helen (Dalton) did, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

If I’m elected, I have a range of plans for the whole electorate.

Upgrading the Mangalore Airport, just north of Seymour, to take air freight would see hundreds of warehousing and logistics jobs in the south of Nicholls and improved freight access for primary producers and manufacturers in the north – including Kyabram and Echuca.

I will invest part of my parliamentary salary to extend the Silo Art Trail from the east of the electorate to the west, encouraging more visitors heading north through Seymour, south through Echuca and east-west through Ky.

Also, while I aim to improve our access to mental health services, I’ll also self-fund mental health first aid courses to enable us to look after ourselves and each other better. As well as increasing the likelihood of early intervention, reducing the chances of a mental health crisis.