2019 federal election ~ seat of Nicholls: Bill Lodwick — Labor

By Seymour Telegraph

Born in Melbourne, I’ve lived in this area for 30 years. I am happily married to Caroline (32 years) and have four wonderful children and one lovely granddaughter.

My children went to primary school in Broadford where I sat on the Broadford Primary School Council and have been a strong supporter for more funding and support for regional schools.

In 1996, I was elected as a councillor for Mitchell Shire and also worked for the army at Puckapunyal as the director of the Army Simulation Office.

Firmly supporting ALP policies, I am dedicated in delivering access to education, job opportunities, health care, cheaper energy and safe communities.

Regarding health care, regional areas are constantly challenged to match the results seen in our cities.

I will push to get more funding for diagnosis and treatment and emergency, life-saving services.

The huge commitments Labor has made to all Australians will bring better heath results, training and long term jobs.

Social issues are of particular concern and I will work hard to understand, communicate and help to reduce the incidence of suicide, domestic violence, and the exploitation of the poor and vulnerable.

I am a professional geo-scientist with an interest in further study.

I have authored scientific papers and been a guest lecturer at several universities, conferences and professional societies.

Throughout my career I’ve had hands-on experience with federal and state legislation including native title, defence, EPBC act, resources and local government.

I support ALP policies to mitigate the effects of human activities on our environment.

To run our civilisation 100 per cent on renewable energy is an achievable goal but we have to keep things going while we get there.

During the transition we all still need to light our homes, cook our dinners, power our workplaces and fuel our transportation.

I will travel extensively around Nicholls meeting people, listening and making sure that Labor policies continue to work for country people.

Nicholls has been taken for granted by the Nats. It is a shame. Disgraceful really. Voters shouldn’t put up with it.

Voters want intelligent, hard-working representatives who can successfully navigate Canberra.

I’ve worked there. I know how to deal with politicians and public servants and succeed.

If the voters of Nicholls give me a fair go, they will not be sorry. Life will be better here as a result.

Labor will win the 2019 election. I simply ask the voters of Nicholls to use their vote to their best benefit.

A new Labor MP will be able to leverage a lot of goodwill on behalf of the people of Nicholls and Labor policies will make Australia a better place for all of us.

We need to raise our life expectancy. We need to improve our education levels. We all need to improve the richness of our lives.