Funding cancer fight

By Seymour Telegraph

The Kings Park netball courts will be a sea of pink on Saturday to raise money for cancer research.

Organisers of the Ladies Light Lunch, Sarah Locke and Melissa Martin, hope to see everyone decked out in pink to enjoy some netball, a country-style lunch and guest speakers.

Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013; and when she was just shy of five years cancer-free she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.

Sarah is currently responding well to a new drug that was not available for her first diagnosis.

Melissa, who was also diagnosed with breast cancer, has been cancer-free for six years and said the support from the local community had been fantastic.

‘‘Battling breast cancer or any kind of cancer is not something you want to do alone,’’ she said.

‘‘I couldn’t believe the support and help I received when I got my diagnosis.

‘‘When the chips are down, the people of Seymour really shine through.’’

Sarah said there were few people who had not had some direct or indirect experience with cancer, so research was critically important.

‘‘There are new cases popping up every day and we want to do our bit to give people the support we have received,’’ she said.

‘‘A cure for cancer is the goal, but until that day arrives we need to find money for research.

‘‘For those of us living with cancer, having the drugs available to help manage the disease and allow for quality of life is vitally important.’’

Sarah said cancer did not discriminate and she hoped the fundraiser started discussions and encouraged people to be proactive in getting checked, regardless of age or gender.

‘‘If you’re worried about something, make an appointment to see your doctor. Early detection can mean that you have better treatment options,’’ she said.

‘‘The community that has been so supportive throughout our journeys is once again helping out with the catering on the day so it’s sure to be a great lunch.

‘‘We’re hoping to see lots of people in pink come and enjoy lunch and cheer on our girls on the netball courts.’’

The day will feature guest speakers and a country-style light lunch from 12.30pm.

Cost is $50 per person with proceeds going to cancer research.

Tickets are available at or you can make a donation at

For more information, phone Sarah on 0400603505.