Seymour and district’s friendly ‘poo-ologists’

By Seymour Telegraph

Hayden ‘‘Pudd’’ Saunders is your friendly local poo-ologist, but he wasn’t the first to wear that title.

Seymour and District Septic Cleaners have been servicing Seymour and its surrounding area, with its previous owner and master poo-ologist Peter Sanderson, since 1991.

After a lengthy 18-month to two-year training period with his predecessor, Pudd purchased the business this year.

‘‘People normally call me when things are too late,’’ Pudd said.

‘‘They don’t often trigger that something is wrong until their toilet is bubbling back over or there’s a terrible smell coming from their septic tank.

‘‘But people can get them cleaned out more regularly and be a bit more proactive in keeping an eye on things.’’

Pudd typically finds and cleans septic tanks, sewerage treatment systems and portable toilets.

He travels as far as Euroa and Heathcote and services a regular clientele of commercial and domestic clients including local wineries and horse studs.

‘‘When people move into a new house often they have no idea about how to care for their septic tank or where it even is,’’ Pudd said.

‘‘I can help them find their septic using a metal detector and also educate them a bit about how their septic works.

‘‘It’s not a complicated system but it needs to be flowing right for everything to be working correctly.’’

And while it’s an uncomplicated system, Pudd’s job isn’t as simple a sticking a pipe in and pumping out a tank.

‘‘The original owner, Peter, was the original poo-ologist and an excellent teacher — there are lots of different types of tanks, of different ages, and there are different ways to find lids on tanks,’’ Pudd said.

To request a free quote get in touch with Hayden ‘‘Pudd’’ Saunders on 0418138139.