Back at play, club gets little joy

By Seymour Telegraph

Seymour VRI Bowling Club

The midweek pennant resumed after two rounds were heat affected. The Seymour VRI team played at Seymour with a poor result for the club, as all clubs failed to post a winning result, going down by 37 shots overall.

With only two games to play prior to the finals, the team is still holding second position on the ladder by a comfortable margin but must win at least one of the two remaining games to hold that position.

Seymour VRI 0-46 lost to Seymour 16-83.

Bill Dawe’s rink, holding a slight lead up to the 20th end, was overtaken by the opposition and was unable to retain the lead again even after winning the last three ends, going down by three.

Joe Purcell’s rink lost five ends after the seventh end, then lost another five ends after the lunch break — 12 shots down at the 19th end and finished 15 down.

Daniel Noonan’s rink was five shots down at the 12th end, and won only two ends for the remainder of the game to go down by 19.

Results: I. McBean, D. Prudden, H. Flint, B. Dawe (skip) 18 lost to I. Ridd 21.

K. Cain, G. Dixon, P. Rolfe, J. Purcell (skip) 16 lost to I. Eichfuss 31.

J. Tuckwell, P. Delzotto, M. Furletti, D. Noonan (skip) 12 lost to G. Krzcuik 31.

Saturday pennant also saw hot and sultry conditions which ended with mixed results while division one was the only winning side, division two expected a tough game against the top of the ladder team and was gallant in defeat.

Division seven Goulburn Valley expected a win over Seymour but came home with nothing.

Division one played at the Seymour VRI green against a determined Kilmore team, winning two rinks and losing the other — Seymour VRI 14-71 defeated Kilmore 2-63.

Geoff Neal’s rink was two shots up at afternoon tea and built the score to be 12 shots up at the 19th end, but winning only one more end reduced the winning score to seven shots.

Luke Spargo’s rink was competitive but unable to establish a lead until the 21st end with six shots up, but scored only once more reducing the lead to win by two shots.

Daniel Noonan’s rink battled its way through to score four shots on the 17th end to be five up, but the opposition came back with six shots to level the score and played the last end again to go down by one shot.

Results: I. McBean, R. Hockley, J. Purcell, G. Neal (skip) 24 defeated K. Mayberry 17.

P. Challis, M. Szczykulski, W. Noonan, L. Spargo (skip) 22 defeated J. Reimann 20.

B. Voogt, B. Dawe, C. Marsh, D. Noonan (skip) 25 lost to W. Hanna 26.

Division two travelled to Kilmore to play against top of the ladder team and fell well short of its expectancy with one drawn rink and two rinks lost.

Seymour VRI 1-59 lost to Kilmore 15-74.

Results: J. Crockett, G. Dixon, M. Furletti, M. Puppa (skip) 22 drew with D. Taff 22.

D. King, P. Chalis, D. Anderson, I. Cashill (skip) 23 lost to P. Wood 26.

K. Cain, P. Delzotto, S. Towt, P. Stevens (skip) 14 lost to K. Campbell 26.

Goulburn Valley division seven played at Seymour on a hot synthetic green for local pride, but positions on the ladder were at stake and a loss for Seymour VRI resulted in it dropping to the third spot on the ladder while Seymour took second spot.

Seymour VRI 0-33 lost to Seymour 14-54.

Results: J. Tuckwell, M. Brett, H. Flint, S. McGregor (skip) 19 lost to D. Blakeman 26.

A. Walton, P. Rolfe, D. Prudden, W. Flynn (skip) 14 lost to M. Flynn 28.

On Saturday, the Central Bowls Division will play its last home and away game for the season. Division one is on top of the ladder with division two holding onto second position on the ladder.

Division one will travel to Alexandra, while division two will host Alexandra at the Seymour VRI green, and the division seven Goulburn Valley team, placed third on the ladder, will have its second bye for the season.

The meat tray donated by Taurus Quality Meats was won by Charmaine Noonan at Seymour VRI.

Avenel Bowling Club

The weather gods looked down on Avenel in keeping the temperatures for Tuesday and Saturday below the magic 40°C, enabling pennant to be played.

But the club couldn’t take advantage of the cooler weather conditions or the supposed home advantage on Tuesday, going down to Shepparton Golf in division two.

In division five, however, Avenel was able to defeat Seymour.

On Saturday, division four played Murchison at home and with three teams recording wins and taking 16 competition points from the encounter.

It was no repeat performance on the previous week’s win over Euroa; too little, too late unfortunately. Division seven went to Hill Top. Avenel players were outbowled.

More games continue to be played in the men’s pairs, 100-up and mixed pairs. There were many excellent bowls for the spectators to watch.

Get well wishes to Graham and Trevor. Our condolences are extended to the families of Peter Lynch and Brenda Henderson on the loss of their loved ones.

Ruth and Len had a most unwelcome visitor on Sunday morning; a visitor that required removal by an expert in handling these types of creatures. Everyone was okay, including the visitor. A reminder to be alert and watch where you are going or reaching.

Birthday greetings to Noel, Len and David. Happy anniversary to two of our club sponsors, Linda and Geoff Newton.

Seymour Bowling Club

Thursday night saw an excellent sausage sizzle after training. Both greens were full with bowlers who enjoyed a cool drink after.

Carol Harrop won the Taurus meat tray, Dave Atkins won the breakfast tray and Alice Hall won a bottle of wine.

The members draw saw Margaret Callaghan win, but again was not present to collect. The monthly draw from Bernies Barrel was Bill Solomon who won a dinner at Hogans Restaurant.

Friday last, the final of the men’s club pairs played. Milton Howell and Rob Brown won the game in an exciting finish from Dale Sellick and Ian Ridd.

In the midweek pennant the 12th round of Goulburn Valley action saw division one travel to Mooroopna and come home with a win on all three rinks, 16-96 to 0-46.

Division three hosted Hill Top to lose by nine shots, 2-62 to 14-71. Division five went to Avenel and in a tight game, lost by three shots, 2-47 to 12-50.


Division one: Jenny Kreemers, David Atkins, Rob Baldwin, Dot Dillon (skip) 26 defeated W. McGoldrick 17.

Linda Brown, Graeme Flint, Bill Solomon, Wilma Atkins (skip) 29 defeated B. Nichols 11.

Milton Howell, Mark Law, Bernie Dillon, Maureen Prudden (skip) 41 defeated M. Jones 18.

Division three: John Heywood, Trish Green, Graeme Prime, Dilva Grattan (skip) 24 defeated G. Smith 14.

Donna Syms, Barb Plum, Derek Blakeman, Gladys Burgoyne (skip) 22 lost to M. McGurgan 26.

Jim Bruce, Marg Callaghan, Peter Holland, Lois Tomkins (skip) 16 lost to S. Moreton 31.

Division five: Alice Hall, Noel Pianta, Derrick Boyd, Margaret Flyn (skip) 24 defeated M. Demaron 22.

Bob Tomkins, Pat Dawe, Peter Smith, Jan McCarthy (skip) 23 lost to M .Black 28.

CBD division one played Seymour VRI, and in an excellent result in the local derby, ended up on all three rinks, 16-83 to 0-46.

Lois White, Lyn Meek, Marie Maggs, Ian Ridd (skip) 21 defeated W. Dawe 18.

Dennis Klien, Marg Locke, Jan Wesselman, Gail Krzciuk (skip) 31 defeated D. Noonan 12.

Alan Welsh, Di Staples, Jenny Ridd, Ian Eichfuss (skip) 31 defeated J. Purcell 16.

Weekend pennant:

Goulburn Valley round 11 saw division one play at Tatura Hill Top with excellent results, but losing three of the four rinks in a great game.

Division five continued on its merry way, defeating Mooroopna Golf two rinks to one, 14-81 to 2-61.

Division seven pulled off a miraculous win over Seymour VRI, with both rinks up, 14-54 to 0-33.

Division one: Graeme Glint, Dale Sellick, Dav Atkins, Rob Baldwin (skip) 15 lost to M. Stark 23.

Milton Howell, Dot Dillon, Bill Solomon, Rob Brown (skip) 27 defeated J. Hicks 22.

Eon Densworth, Maureen Prudden, Wilma Atkins, Jeff Rhue (skip) 28 lost to R. Sellwood 33.

Ian Ridd, Terry Flynn, Bernie Dillon, Matt O’Sullivan (skip) 25 lost to G. Russell 27.

Division five: Jenny Ridd, Graeme Prime, Mark Law, Derrick Boyd (skip) 16 lost to J. Firmer 22.

Di Staples, Garry Broderick, Linda Brown, Steve Reed (skip) 34 defeated R. Brent 19.

Peter Smith, Steve Ellis, Ken Butcher, Eliot Jarman (skip) 31 defeated N. Mellino 20.

Division seven: Shane Stevenson, Pat Dawe, John Heywood, Derek Blakeman (skip) 26 defeated S. McGregor 19.

Anita Stevenson, Lyn Rieniets, Vin Hall, Marg Flynn (skip) 28 defeated W. Flint 14.

CBD round 13 saw division one play at top of the ladder Wallan, narrowly losing the game with one win, one loss and a draw, 3-69 to 13-71.

Division two played at home and lost the game by three shots, 2-56 to 14-59.